Death Battle Combatant
Agent Carolina
The Former Top Agent of Project Freelancer
Agent Carolina
Origin Red vs. Blue
Company Rooster Teeth
Appearance(s) Meta VS Carolina
She wasn't around a lot when I was a kid, and when she was she could only stay a short time. Seems like she always had somewhere else to be; something important to do. And when she left, she...wouldn't say goodbye to me. Instead, she always told me, "Never say goodbye." If you don’t say 'goodbye,' then you aren't really gone. You...just aren't here right now.
~ Carolina describing her mother to Epsilon in Don't Say It

Agent Carolina is one of the protagonists of the web series Red vs. Blue. She appeared in the 64th episode Meta VS Carolina, where she fought against fellow former Freelancer The Meta. She was voiced by Jen Brown while Epsilon was voiced by Burnie Burns.


The daughter of Dr. Leonard Church and UNSC marine Allison Church, Carolina joined Project Freelancer and became the top ranked agent of the organization. However, Agent Tex showed up, causing Carolina to become more competitive and focused on beating Tex (unaware that she was in fact the Beta A.I., based on her deceased mother). During Tex's failed attempt to free the Alpha A.I., Carolina was the first victim in The Meta's hunt to capture all of the A.I. fragments, losing Eta and Iota, and being tossed off a cliff.

While believed to be dead, Carolina reappeared after Project Freelancer was decommissioned, and forced the Blood Gulch crew with one mission, find and kill the Director of Project Freelancer, her father. Eventually she gave up her resentment over her father and would later join the Blood Gulch crew in the war on Chorus against Charon Industries.

Death Battle Info


  • Real Name: [Unknown] Church
  • Daughter to Dr. Leonard & Allison Church
  • Age: 34
  • Freelancer Ranking: 2nd
  • Former AI: Eta, Iota, Sigma
  • Ambidextrous
  • Prefers Rogue & Recon armor
  • Confident, caring, & daring
  • Inferiority complex


  • Epsilon Artificial Intelligence
    • Fragment of the Alpha AI
    • Can possess others

Armor Enhancements


  • Defeated dozens of Tex clones
  • Discovered the Director's secret location
  • Led the Freelancer team
  • Dodged point blank shots
  • Saved Chorus from civil war
  • Defeated York, Sharkface, Felix, & Locus
  • Blocked a nuclear explosion

Death Battle Quotes

Note: Epsilon's quotes will be highlighted in Bold

  • Time.
  • Oh, yeah, just point zero three milliseconds too slow. Looks like i'm picking the movie tonight.
  • Ugh, can it not be another garbage action movie?
  • Oh come on, they're hilarious. Everyone talks in one-liners, the plot's non-existent. It's like the characters are just there to beat the shit out of each other.
  • Uh oh.
  • What is it?
  • Uhhh...I think we're about to have company.
  • Maine?
  • Not exactly.
  • OK, if we win, you can totally pick the movie.
  • Not working!
  • I can see that!
  • You sure you can't set that thing to kill?
  • Just hold on!'
  • Church where is he?
  • I'm on it, scanning....your left!
  • Church, I need Armor Enhancements.
  • Which ones?
  • All of them!
  • Uh I don't think that's a good ideaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!
  • Huh?...Aw shit.
  • Dammit! OK, uhhh focusing on the Healing Unit, I got you. Carolina you hear me?
  • You got him!
  • OK seriously, what the fuck.
  • Hey, hey wait wait wait! Wait, hold up.
  • Uhhh hey so I know you're about to pummel her ginger face in and all, but you also talk in grunts so I'm just gonna say this one line for you okay? Just this one time.
  • Oh! Son of a Bitch!
  • Church?
  • Yeah?
  • No action movies.



  • Agent Carolina and her opponent are the second and third combatants to have an A.I. aid them in their battle, with the first one being Iron Man and the next one being Spider-Man 2099.
  • Agent Carolina and her opponent are the first two characters from Red vs. Blue to enter Death Battle.
  • Agent Carolina and her opponent are the second and third characters from Rooster Teeth to enter Death Battle, with the first one being Yang Xiao Long.
    • She is also the third combatant to be voiced by their original voice actor with the first two being Yang Xiao Long and her opponent, and the next one (presumably) being Ichigo Kurosaki.
    • Her voice actor also voiced Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY, the same show Yang is from.


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