Death Battle Combatant
The Fire Lizard Digimon
Origin Digimon Adventure
Company Namco Bandai
Appearance(s) Pokémon VS Digimon

Agumon! Digivolve to... Greymon!
~ Agumon, as he digivolves to Greymon

Agumon! Warp Digivolve to... WarGreymon!
~ Agumon, as he warp-digivolves to WarGreymon

Agumon is a character from the anime/manga series, Digimon. He starred in the 57th episode and Season 2 Finale, Pokémon VS Digimon, where he fought against the Pokémon Charizard and his trainer Red with his partner Tai. He was voiced by Xander Mobus.


Agumon is partner to the DigiDestined leader Taichi "Tai" Kamiya and often counterpoints his partner. While both are matched well in that they can act rather brashly and hot-headedly when their friends are in danger, Agumon is typically the more cautious one, even if his partner disregards his advice. The pair joke around with each other a lot and go through many trials together, but their trust in each other is evident.

Death Battle Info


  • Height: Approx. 3 ft / 91 cm
  • Level: Rookie
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Data size: 20 GB
  • Attacks
    • Pepper Breath
    • Claw Attack
    • Claw Uppercut


  • Height: Approx. 20 ft / 610 cm
  • Level: Champion
  • Type: Dinosaur
  • Data size: 30 GB
  • Attacks:
    • Nova Blast
    • Nova Flame
    • Great Horns Attack
    • Tail Whip


  • Height: Approx. 40 ft / 1,220 cm
  • Level: Ultimate
  • Type: Cyborg
  • Data size: 40 GB
  • Attacks
    • Giga Blaster
    • Mega Claw
    • Metal Slash
    • Powerful Flame
    • Tera Destroyer


  • Height: Approx. 10 ft / 304.8 cm
  • Level: Mega
  • Type: Dragon
  • Data size: 20 GB
  • Attacks
    • Terra Force
    • Great Tornado
    • Brave Shield
    • Mega Claw
    • War Driver


Death Battle Quotes

  • Ah, there's nothing better than a campfire, and a golden, delicious marshmallow.
  • You killed my marshmallow!
  • Pepper Breath!
  • Agumon! Digivolve to... Greymon! Hahahahahaha!
  • Let's try-
  • Great Horns Attack!
  • Nova Flame!
  • Tail Whip!
  • Nova Blast!
  • Tai!
  • Agumon! Warp Digivolve to... WarGreymon!
  • Great Tornado!
  • Brave Shield!
  • My turn!
  • Let's see you fly without these!
  • Tai, look out!
  • Terra Force!
  • You got it boss! (Used in trailer, unused in fight)



  • Agumon is the fourth Namco character to get into Death Battle. The last three were Dig Dug, Ivy Valentine and Nightmare and after him is Renamon.
  • Agumon and Tai are the tenth/eleventh Anime/Manga characters to get into Death Battle, with the last nine being Vegeta, Goku, Strider Hiryu, Gundam Epyon, Majin Buu, Gaara, Guts, Hercule Satan and Astro Boy, and next being Roronoa Zoro, Erza Scarlet, Voltron Lion Force, Natsu Dragneel, Portgas D. Ace, Android 18, Renamon, Naruto Uzumaki and Ichigo Kurosaki.
  • Agumon and Tai are the first characters from the Digimon series to be featured in a Death Battle, with the next one being Renamon.
  • Agumon is the fourth character to be voiced by Xander Mobus, the previous three were Wolverine, RoboCop, and Lion-O.
  • Agumon is one of the few combatants that is both an individual and a species, with the others being Yoshi, Pikachu, The Terminator, Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Lucario and Renamon.
  • Agumon is the third dinosaur combatant to win a Death Battle.
  • Koromon, SkullGreymon, and MetalGreymon never appeared in Agumon's fight against Charizard.
  • WarGreymon's Dramon Destroyers are weapons that are designed to slay dragons (or Dramon-type Digimon). The irony behind this is that Agumon himself becomes a Dragon-Type by turning into WarGreymon. The latter's official bio notes this by stating that his life is at constant risk while using it.
  • Agumon is the second combatant to defeat Charizard, with the first one being Blastoise.
  • Agumon's Mega Form, WarGreymon, is currently the strongest Namco character in Death Battle.
  • Out of all of Agumon's forms, Boomstick stated MetalGreymon was his favorite because it has a cybernetic arm and shoots missiles from its chest.
  • Agumon and his partner Tai are the final combatants to win in DEATH BATTLE! Season 2.
  • Agumon is the first combatant to defeat a returning combatant, with the next three being Mewtwo, Zero and Wonder Woman.


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