Target confirmed.
~ E-101 Beta MKII

The Badniks are the most powerful robots in Eggman's army.

Name Function Picture

Designed for Tactical tasks

Can Pilot Vehicles

Egg Robo 3
Silver Sonic

Can Fly with Rocket Shoes

Powered by a Chaos Emerald

Silver Sonic III
Mecha Sonic

Slower & Tougher than Silver

Greater Focus on Firepower

Can Absorb & Use Chaos Energy

Mecha Knuckles Fires Large Rockets Metal Knuckles 1
E-101 Beta MKII

Can Fly & Telepot

Homing Missiles

Wide RoE Laser Beams

Shadow Android

Has Shadow's Physical Abilities

Fires Small Rockets

110px-Sepiatone Shadow
Scratch & Grounder Scratch & Grounder

In The Battle

They all helped Eggman wipe out Wily's Infantry, but the majority of them were destroyed by the Robot Masters (Excluding a Shadow Android as he was overwhelmed by Metal Sonic).

One-Minute Melee

So far the only Badnik to appear in a One-Minute Melee episode is Mecha Sonic. In that particular episode, he destroyed his successor; Metal Sonic before fighting with Bowser Jr. and won. He then fought Bowser and lost.


  • Scratch & Grounder were never actually a part of the Badniks, but were included as Eggman's "mistakes" to pit against Sheep Man, Wily's "mistake".
  • The only Badnik to kill one of the Robot Masters was Silver Sonic, who killed Sheep Man (as well as the bodies of Scratch & Grounder).
  • The Shadow androids normally look just like Shadow himself. To differentiate in appearance from Shadow, a previous contestant, they were given gold stripes taken from a multiplayer color in the Shadow the Hedgehog game.