Death Battle Combatant
Mega Man Classic - Bass & Treble
Wily's Ultimate Robot Masters
Bass & Treble
Origin Mega Man
Company Capcom
Appearance(s) Eggman VS Wily
Come on, Treble!
~ Bass to Treble
Bass & Treble are Dr. Wily's ultimate Robot Masters. They appeared in the 19th episode of Death Battle, Eggman VS Wily, under Dr. Wily's command to counter Dr. Eggman's ultimate creation Metal Sonic.


Powered by Bassnium, Bass was created to be the nemesis of Dr. Light's Mega Man. He also has a dog assistant named Treble, who helps him on many objectives in the quest to help Dr. Wily rule the world.


  • Bass Buster
    • Charge Shot
    • Rapid Fire
  • Jet Booster
  • Powered by Bassnium
  • Super Adapter
  • Copy Ability


Bass is very powerful but fairly brash and arrogant. He wants to be the best robot warrior there is, and will even ignore Dr. Wily's commands if he thinks they get in the way of his goal. However, while he has attacked him, has never gone too far by killing him.



  • Bass, along with his creator, Dr. Wily, were the first Death Battle characters to speak exclusively through text.


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