Death Battle Combatant
The Shellfish Pokémon
Origin Pokémon
Company Nintendo
Appearance(s) Pokémon Battle Royale

Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro (cameo)

Blastoise's strength lies in its power rather than its speed; Its shell is like armor, and attacks from the hydro cannons on its back are virtually unstoppable.
~ Ash's Kanto Pokédex in the Kanto adventures of the Pokémon Anime.

Blastoise is a Water type Pokémon. It appears in the 33rd episode of Death Battle, the Pokémon Battle Royale, fighting against Venusaur and Charizard.


Blastoise is a Water type Pokémon, so it's at an advantage against Charizard but at a disadvantage against Venusaur. It much prefers Defense over Offense, but can easily dish out damage if needed.


Blastoise has superior Defensive stats compared to the other two starters, and prefers utilizing defense over offense in battle. Its base stats are an impressive 105 Special Defense and 100 Physical Defense. The source of the excellent Defense is its sturdy shell, which Blastoise can hide inside when attacked, and it can use Rapid Spin to deflect attacks that come its way. When charging for Skull Bash, its Defense raises, allowing it to raise its defense and then deal massive damage. It can also use Rain Dance to boost the power of water attacks while weakening Fire attacks and SolarBeam. But its best trick is Iron Defense, a steel type move that doubles its Defense in one move, allowing it to survive almost anything.


Besides its tanking ability, Blastoise can use Skull Bash, a Normal type move with a power of 130, that takes a turn to charge, or Bite, a Dark type move used to chomp on foes and make them flinch. Its cannons can launch a dual Hydro Pump, a powerful Water attack with 120 power. On top of that, Blastoise's water cannons can, regardless of the attack, easily punch through steel. According to Wizard, by comparing Blastoise's cannons to his actual size, we can tell that his Hyrdo Pump has a power greater than 90,000 PSI (or Pounds per Square Inch).


Blastoise is extremely defensive, can tank hits repeatedly without faltering, and he can raise it even more with several moves. His attack suffers from this, of course, but that doesn't really matter when Blastoise uses Hydro Pump, since heavy damage is done to whatever's in his way.

Death Battle Info


  • Species: Shellfish Pokémon
  • Type: Water
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight: 189 lbs.
  • Natural Habitat: Lakes & Islands
  • Personality: Stubborn, Solitary, Warrior Mentality


  • HP: 268 (Average)
  • Attack: 171 (Below Average)
  • Defense: 205 (Above Average)
  • Sp. Attack: 215 (Average)
  • Sp. Defense: 193 (Above Average)
  • Speed: 161 (Average)


Pros & Cons

  • Effective Against: Steel, Fire, Water, Ice
  • Weak Against: Grass & Electric
  • Pro: Great Defensive Potential
  • Pro: Can shoot through steel
  • Con: Lacks options for attacks
  • Con: Not very fast or mobile

Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro

The Pokémon Battle Royale was briefly seen in Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro when the two martial artists clashed.



  • Blastoise is the second Death Battle Royale champion, the first being Leonardo.
    • Coincidentally, both of them are turtles associated with the color blue.
  • Blastoise is one of the few combatants who are both an individual and a species, the others being Yoshi, The Terminator, PikachuVenusaurCharizard, Agumon, Lucario and Renamon.
  • Blastoise is the first Pokémon to be a Death Battle champion, followed by Mewtwo and Lucario.
    • However, Mewtwo is the first Pokémon to have defeated an opponent outside it's series, with Lucario being the second.
  • Blastoise is the second Death Battle combatant to stun his opponent by choking them in the neck before finishing them off, the first was Fox McCloud and the third was Superman.
  • Blastoise is the first turtle combatant who actually is known for being slow and having a strong defense. The TMNT are ninjas and Gamera is surprisingly fast and a very frail turtle.
  • Blastoise is the first Death Battle Champion to roar in victory, followed by Godzilla, Goliath, Donkey Kong and Doomsday.
  • He's the first combatant to have beaten and killed Charizard. The second was Agumon.
  • Blastoise suffered the least severe injuries in his Death Battle. Venusaur had its flower cut off and then burned alive by Charizard, while Charizard had its wings ripped off and then blown up by Blastoise's Hydro Pump. The Shellfish Pokemon itself only suffered an injured eye.
  • Blastoise is one of the four Nintendo combatants who is not a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. series. The other three are Venusaur, Goomba and Koopa Troopa.


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