• Alexey de Greit

    Dragonzord (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) VS Mechagodzilla 1 (Godzilla)

    (The reason why it's Mechagodzilla 1 is, because I belief Kiryu stomps and nobody cares about 2)

    Who wins? Who are you rooting for? Would you like to see this as a DB or DBX?

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  • Notatruename

    To whoever it may concern, I will be temporarily off the wiki this weekend. I will be back on next Monday.

    If you are reading this past June 19, 2017, this blog will be irrelevant.

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  • Ganime

    My Thumbnails

    June 11, 2017 by Ganime

    hey it's that nerd that never finishes anything for some lame excuse.

    Also any thumbnail made before 2017 is handpicked since I'm not showing off all of the all of the thumbnails I made when I didn't know what cropping and layering was.

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  • CallMeKnuckles

    Time to do anotha thumbnail tournament.

    This tournament will be very different from the first. You will still be put up against each other, and everyone on the wiki will vote to see who's thumbnail is better. But two big things will change.

    - This time, it's elimination. You can only take two losses: once you've lost twice, you've lost and are eliminated. So this time, we will have a winner by the end.

    - I won't be giving you a specific matchup you have to make a thumbnail for. Instead, I will be giving you themes for matchups that you will have to create a match and a thumbnail for.

    Everything else is basically the same.

    Y'all have until Wensday, 6/14, 12:00 AM EST to join.

    • RoaringRexe
    • Simbiothero
    • Shakaboy
    • MMYP999
    • Brobuscus101
    • ArgentianDeadpool
    • Ultim…

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  • UltimateDespairDaniel

    Since exams are coming up and summer is just around the corner for me I thought why not reveal my top 5 most wanted Death Battles. Can you guess what they are before I reveal them?

    Note: There will be no repeats in series/franchise for the list, meaning if a Disgaea character is in Number 5 then there you won't see anymore characters from that series in the other 4

    Let's be honest, who hasn't seen this coming? While other people prefer Nanashi vs Frisk, I wasn't really a fan of it as in my opinion Nanashi wins hands down as Frisk doesn't really have a lots of feats that can match up to Nanashi and he has no way of putting him down. I wanted a more fair fight. At first it was hard trying to find one but that's when I discover the game Soul No…

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  • Savage Samurai

    Things to note on the cast: 

    • Pretty much everyone loves Android 18 so maybe they might be bias and have her win? (Of course not. Being bias defeats the purpose of the show, I'm just in denial that one of my favourite characters is in all likelihood going to lose)
    • Confirmation that Zack is animating this battle.
    • Boomstick's favourite food is beer and stuff grilled with beer. Wiz's would be compact foods so he can get back to work but would probably enjoy oreos.
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  • 1mavstone

    " Old Superman was hopping around, saving people like it was no problem, when suddenly, Goku burst from the shade and hit superman with a kamekameha. Superman got pissed and began to attack, but then accidentally hit the Hulk instead. The Hulk turned around and strucked him with fear, when Akuma came out and attacked the Hulk, he started to kill the Incredible Hulk but they both got run over by the Sweet Tooth truck. Before he can make it to the Twisted Metal game, The Tereminator came out of nowhere in sight, and took a plasma rifle which was with him and blew away Samus who was right behind him, but he ran out of bullets and he ran away because Iron Man came to save the day. "

    " This is the Ultimate Death Battle! (The Craziest in history!…

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  • CoolGuyMav

    Next Week's battle is Android 18 vs Captain Marvel, who would win, i would think Android 18, what do you think?

    Submit right here --->

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  • GameGod2973

    Chop Chop vs Sir Daniel Fortesque

    Who would win?

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  • Master General Guy1

    Okaym I've offically been here for over a fucking year. And because others have done this for a bit, I decided, sure, why the hell not.

    Ask me whatever questions you want.

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  • UTF

    UTF's belated Q&A Blog.

    May 25, 2017 by UTF

    Go ahead, ask me anything.

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  • Savage Samurai


    May 24, 2017 by Savage Samurai
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  • Sonicfan1996

    Here is a list of Death Battles I agree with and Death Battles I disagree with. Keep in mind this list may change over time.

    Boba Fett vs Samus

    Akuma vs Shang Tsung

    Koopa vs Goomba

    Hagger vs Zangief

    TMNT Battle Royale

    Zits vs Leonardo

    Yoshi vs Riptor

    Felicia vs Takaka

    Kratos vs Spawn

    Vegeta vs Shadow

    Mario vs Sonic

    Luke Skywalker vs Harry Potter

    Chun-Li vs Mai

    Master Chief vs Doomguy

    Dr. Eggman vs Dr. Wily

    Zelda vs Peach

    Thor vs Raiden

    Link vs Cloud

    Batman vs Spider-Man

    Pikachu vs Blanka

    Goku vs Superman

    He-Man vs Lion-O

    M. Bison vs Shao Kahn

    Ryu vs Strider

    Ivy vs Orchid

    Fox vs Bucky

    Terminator vs Robocop

    Luigi vs Tails

    Pokemon Battle Royale

    Fuglore vs Sektor

    Godzilla vs Gamera

    Batman vs Captain America

    Tigerzord vs Gundam

    Kirby vs Majin Buu

    Ragna vs Sol Badguy

    Boba Fett vs …

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  • CoolGuyMav

    people have some ideas that I think would be interesting.

    if you want to see and do the poll,

    click here--->

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  • Team Edwardfanmade463

    i think glacius will win because he is made of ice i think subzero should've gone against Elsa   who do you think will win ? 

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  • 20001 The Accelerator

    Which 2 To Aru characters would you like to see fighting against? 

    1) Me (Accelerator)

    2) Touma Kamijou

    3) Misaka Mikoto

    4) Last Order

    5) Fiamma of the Right

    6) It doesn't matter. We only matter the results of the Death Battle!

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  • CoolGuyMav
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  • Clockworx

    Let's predict this COOL Death Battle.(I'm generic human trash, I know.)

    1. Absolutely no tolerance for berating anyone else's prediction. You will be promptly kicked from the blog. No arguing either.
    2. If you have the minority answer, go with your gut. Don't feel nervous because everyone else has picked the other character. You should only change if there's new info that sways your opinion.
    3. Submit your predictions in the comments below by May 21st. If all the predictions are collected before then, I'll consider putting it up earlier.
    4. 10 participants including myself. 
    5. I will provide the research. However, if you give me new or crucial info I might've missed, I'll add it.
    6. Reasoning is a must. If you have no reasoning, I can't add your prediction.

    1. Clock…

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  • Clockworx


    Aliases: Time Lord, Paradox, Contradiction, The Walking Time And Space Bomb




    Weight:0 lbs

    Enjoys coffee

    Thinks he's a food reviewer

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  • Joker8989

    about myself

    May 9, 2017 by Joker8989

    i thought it would be nice to talk alittle bit about myself and answer some questions if people wish to ask questions. anyone here who wants to know more about me just ask and i will give a staight answer(nothing to personal). now i leave it up to you ask and i will give you the answers you deserve. oh yeah this is a Q and A by the way. ask what you want

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  • UltimateDespairDaniel

    Want to see all of my failed thumbnails all in one place? Now you can as I add in every thumbnail I made. Maybe there might be a few good ones but I doubt it

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  • Clockworx



    Wiz: The supernatural are bound to be considered freaks of nature and shunned by society.

    Boomstick: And these two badasses here fit that title perfectly! Alex Mercer, the biological weapon of mass destruction.

    Wiz: And Cole Macgrath, the Prime Conduit. For this matchup, only the good version of Cole Macgrath will be taken into account.

    Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

    Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skill to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE.

    Cue (Main Menu-Prototype) 

    Wiz: The Blacklight Virus. A mutation-causing disease, it turns it's hosts into disgusting and vile creatures. Though it can have beneficial effects at …

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  • Savage Samurai

    Recently I calculated the total amount of powers Ben 10 has in his arsenal, everntually reaching a total of 226. Of course with Alien X, that number is as good as 1. I mean if we're being completely serious Alien X, stomps almost any opponent Ben could face so hard that none of his other transformations even matter. But what if we removed Alien X from the equation? What if SA pulls a Link VS Cloud and directly nerfs Ben by not giving him his strongest transformation. Surely he would be much easier to kill, right? Or would he? The point of this blog is to analyse Ben's different matchups and to see how well his opponents do without bringing Alien X into the equation.

    Starting things off we have Ben's most popular matchup and for good reason.…

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  • NickMatt94


    May 2, 2017 by NickMatt94

    Self-explanatory. Everyone else is doing it so why not?

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  • Faxinnh

    Rendered TNs I made just so you can jerk of to them. If I make a rendered tn, this is where I put them if I don't know what to do with them.

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  • Timefreezer4

    So I after posting this on a comment thread I thought, "Hey, why not make this a blog post just to keep this all somewhere where it can be easily accessible?

    5) Deadpool VS Deathstroke: I find the analyses well thought out and hilarious, with Deadpool's absolutely fun dialogue making this the funniest Death Battle episode for me. Add an amazing, lengthy animation with great choreography, and I'm hooked. If I have any complaints about the episode, DP shouldn't have appeared in Deathstroke's analysis and the end seen was weak and made Slade look like a bitch.

    4) Darth Vader VS Doctor Doom: Aside from the fact that Vader is my all time favorite character (tied with Bowser and Thanos) and Doctor Doom is my secondary waifu, the analyses and anima…

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  • Silverboy300

    Silverboy300 Q & A

    April 22, 2017 by Silverboy300

    Self-Explanatory. Basically ask any question you want to me.

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  • Pormald

    Pormald's Q&A

    April 22, 2017 by Pormald

    So I know some of you guys may recognize me as that one guy who used to make DB thumbnails, and who now is on and off when it comes to being active on the wiki, but I think there is no better way for you guys to get to know me then to just ask me some questions! So yeah, go ahead and ask.

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  • Faxinnh

    This is a blog dedicated to me ranting on stuff and me talking about things I don't get/don't like or despise (to the point where it annoys) and only doing this cus' I am bored. 

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  • CallMeKnuckles

    I'm real original.


    - Only 10 people will be participating, including myself.

    - If you do anything dumb, rude, or just overall be a dick, I can kick you out if I so choose. That probably won't happen though, so don't get too worried. Besides, if this happens, it will only be for that match, and you will be allowed in for all future matchups.

    - Don't join and then not make a prediction. Please.

    - Give a decent reasoning, though I won't give you any minimum or maximum amount of words.

    - If you want to help out with research, go ahead. If you only wanted to make a prediction based off the research, go ahead. Either is fine by me.

    - Please no bias.

    - Don't be afraid if your final prediction is different from the majority.

    - Research will be added…

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  • IwillNUTyou

    And this is my blog.

    aaaaaaand i will update my blog if i have spare time to use.

    aaaaaaaand i still don't know how to rip sprites from mmugen


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  • Panzysoldat

    My Thumbnails

    April 14, 2017 by Panzysoldat

    Title is self-explanatory. This is where I'll store any thumbnails I've made. 

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  • Savage Samurai

    The title's pretty self explanatory. If you want to ask questions about me, leave a comment and I'll answer it (within reasonable limitations). The only rules are: 1) no spamming and 2) Be appropriate with your questions. Otherwise everything else is fair game.

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  • Brobuscus101

    This is absolutely, positively, 100% original and I have no sarcasm in what I'm saying.

    Don't spam

    Ask any questions you want


    Be as specific as possible


    Easily Crash VS Spyro. It's been a childhood dream of mine, the Crash & Spyro crossover games were pretty cool, and I grew up with the two. They also have a decent amount of connections. I hope they stay away from LoS and Skylanders though.


    Favorite is Hulk VS Doomsday(Though Megazord VS Voltron might change that) due to its savagery, epic animation, and was my absolute most wanted Marvel VS DC battle, only criticism is that Hulk lost.

    Least Favorite depends on what you're asking for as an episode, or based on the results alone. …

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  • MickySR2112

    Lol bye

    April 7, 2017 by MickySR2112

    I'm leaving,

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  • Hellfire King Char

    You know the drill

    hey, any of you nerds want to get to know me? now's your chance.

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  • Sonicfan1996

    Sonicfan1996 Q&A

    April 4, 2017 by Sonicfan1996

    Ask me anything you want to know about me and I'll reply eventually.

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  • TendoTheGamer


    April 4, 2017 by TendoTheGamer

    i want to relevant

    ask me questions

    i'm bored


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  • Wolverine-Man


    April 4, 2017 by Wolverine-Man

    I've been seeing a lot of these things now and after some time of thinking, I decided "Eh, why not?" and jump on the bandwagon, so let's get yet another one of these type of blogs started. Any questions?

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  • KombatKid1

    KombatKid's Q&A blog

    April 4, 2017 by KombatKid1

    Hey, KombatKid here. Everyone else was doing it so I thought "I'm not gonna be left out". So I went ahead and did it. Ask me any questions you want, I'll respond. I can be a pretty intresting guy. You should get to know me. Anyway, ask away!

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  • Kiobi20

    Q&A of a new user

    April 4, 2017 by Kiobi20

    Well I have just rcently join this wiki a few months ago and if someone is interested you can ask some questions about me I will do my best to respond

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  • Animegx43

    Q&A, Animegx addition

    April 4, 2017 by Animegx43

    As someone who's been on this wiki for a few years now, you should probably get to know me.

    People have been doing this all day. You know the what to do.

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  • Notatruename

    You know the drill. I'll answer them in the morning or whenever I get to them

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  • Superbuting

    Bandwagoning 2.0

    April 4, 2017 by Superbuting

    Am I bandwagonning? Yes. Have I done this before? Yes. Do I care? Not really.

    Anyway's, ask away and I will eventually get to you. Probably.

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  • Clockworx


    April 3, 2017 by Clockworx

    Lots of people have been doing this and it's taken the comments by storm and I'm bored anyway so wynaut.

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  • UltimateDespairDaniel

    I been noticing people were doing this recently and seeing how I'm bored and have nothing better to do, I deciced to do my own Q&A! Ask me any questions and I'll answer it when I have the time.

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  • Faxinnh

    Got bored, decided to do this for fun and stuff. Iamscaredthatthiswillbecomeatrendsoon.

    Also this is a reason why you should repsect Fax.

    This is how great Fax is...

    • Bill Cipher is Faxinnh's dorito chip.
    • Jeffy eats his green beans ( a whole plate of them) in front of Faxinnh without any complaint.
    • Genghis Kahn wasn't the one who killed 40 million people in the world, that was Faxinnh.
    • Deadpool doesn't joke around when he feels the presence of Faxinnh.
    • Faxinnh is Xeno A.K.A the omni-king's trainer.
    • Filthy Frank says "Ey B0zz" in front of Faxinnh.
    • Faxinnh was actually the one who made Meta muted.

    More will be added for this pointless shitbag


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  • CallMeKnuckles

    it is a q&a

    even though it may

    just be a retread

    i'm gonna do it

    ok i can't rhyme anymore

    2 PER MAN


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  • Ultimate Mega Gamer

    Yes, I know. I'm like the third person in 2 days to do this but to be fair, I've been thinking about doing this since way before Time started his. That & I'm bored shitless. So ask me anything. Be it about DB or otherwise. Politics, media, current events, my tastes in media. Seriously, ask me anything. I've been wanting to get a little deeper into some more serious topics on this wiki for a while but there's not really any good place or time to do it. I'm going to copy/paste the questions & answers to make a nice little blog out of.

    So I first saw Death Battle in, I think, 2014 maybe. I don't recall the exact year. I saw Mario vs Sonic at complete random one day. I watched it, enjoyed it & that was about the end of it. A while later, I reall…

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