Death Battle Combatant
The Sentinel of Liberty
Captain America
Origin Captain America Comics #1
Company Disney
Appearance(s) Batman VS Captain America
Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro (cameo)
Flash VS Quicksilver (cameo)
Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie (cameo)
I consider it my duty and honor to fight for justice.
~ Captain America

Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, is a superhero from Marvel Comics. He appeared in the 36th episode of Death Battle, Batman VS Captain America, where he fought against returning combatant, Batman from DC Comics.


In the 1930s, World War II loomed on the horizon. A young man named Steve Rogers tried time and again to serve his country by enlisting in the army, only to be rejected every time due to his frail body and medical problems. Finally, he was given an offer by Dr. Abraham Erskine: Steve would finally be allowed into the army provided he volunteered to test Dr. Erskine's breakthrough formula, the super-soldier serum.

The formula was an astounding success, bringing Steve Rogers to the peak of human physical performance. Clad in a striking armored uniform and equipped with a virtually unbreakable Vibranium shield, Steve was christened as Captain America. He then proceeded to tear a swath through the forces of the Axis Powers before being accidentally frozen alive in the arctic for 70 years. Having returned today, Captain America continues the fight for truth, justice, and the American way.

Death Battle Info


  • Before transformation
    • Height: 5'4" / 1.6 m
    • Weight: 95 lbs / 43.1 kg
  • After transformation
    • Height: 6'2" / 1.9 m
    • Weight: 220 lbs / 99.8 kg
  • Both parents died early in his life
  • Won the gold medal in an art contest as a teenager
  • Was once mutated into "Spider-King"
  • Secretly a habitual car thief


  • Adept in all fighting styles
  • Master tactician
  • Multi-lingual
  • Proficient in all weapons, though he typically only uses his shield
  • Expert acrobat
  • Capable of chi manipulation
  • Can resist all forms of mind control
  • Proficient in driving all kinds of vehicles

Cap's Shield

  • 2.5 feet in diameter, weighs 12 lbs
  • An unrepeatable combination of Proto-Adamantium and Vibranium
  • Its Proto-Adamantium is even stronger than regular adamantium
  • Absorbs the full blow of any impact
  • Conducts neither electricity nor heat
  • Highly aerodynamic
  • Can only be damaged by tampering with its molecular bonding


  • Survived being frozen in ice for 70 years
  • Can run almost 50 mph / 80.5 kph
  • Caught a torpedo with his bare hands
  • Threw The Hulk off his feet
  • Jumps 20-30 feet high
  • Drops from airplanes at cruising altitude into water without a parachute no problem

Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro

Captain America's fight with Batman was briefly seen in Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro when the two martial artists clashed.

Flash VS Quicksilver

Captain America had a cameo in Flash VS Quicksilver, where he was voiced by former ScrewAttack CEO, Craig Skistimas. He arrived at New York in a police car (running someone over along the way), to rescue a girl from a burning building. The girl falls as he watches, and then the encounter between the two speedsters starts.

Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie

In Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie, Deadpool breaks into Captain America's fight with Batman. In the part where Steve throws his shield in the middle of Batman's smoke grenades, Deadpool dresses up like Batman and grabs the shield instead. He then throws the shield right into Steve's face.

One Minute Melee

Captain America appeared in the Season 3 April Fools episode of One Minute Melee, Goku vs Sonic?, along with the other Avengers to challenge Son Goku and lost. He also makes a brief appearance at the start of Saitama vs Superman, during a recap of the April Fools episode.

Later, he appeared as a combatant in Season 3, where he was challenged by Guile from Street Fighter to a sparring match and won.


Captain America made a cameo appearance in DBX at the end of Donald Trump VS Hillary Clinton, where after Trump and Clinton were killed in an explosion, he questions what happened and it then cuts to a talking bald eagle who was telling the story of how Captain America became president of the United States for eternity. Craig Skistimas plays the role of Captain America.




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