The point of Death Battle is to pin two people against each other, of course their must be a winner (most of the time). And they are listed here.

Season 1 Winners

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Season 1

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  • Akuma is the first male combatant to have won Death Battle.
  • Samus Aran is the first female combatant to have won Death Battle.
  • Leonardo is the only combatant to have won two Death Battles against different opponents.
    • Samus Aran and Superman also won both of their episodes, however, their opponents never changed.
  • Rainbow Dash and Astro Boy are the only victors who technically didn't kill their opponents, since Starscream's Spark is immortal and Mega Man's head was still functioning.
  • Despite being one of Dr. Eggman's robots, Metal Sonic was crowned the winner of Eggman VS Wily.
    • This is because it was Dr. Wily's Roboenza which caused him to go berserk and kill them both. Since both Doctors died from it, Metal Sonic was crowned the winner for having killed them both and being the only robot remaining on the field.
  • He-Man is the only combatant to unknowingly kill his opponent.
  • Hercule Satan and The Flash are the only combatants who accidentally killed their opponents.
  • Segata Sanshiro and Chuck Norris have the highest number of kills out of any Death Battle winner, killing any possible aliens in the solar system along with anyone on the earth due to the supernova, with Superman having the second, due to killing everyone on earth along with Son Goku.
  • Kirby is currently the smallest Death Battle winner.
  • Godzilla is currently the largest Death Battle winner.
  • Batman is the first character to have both lost and won, with the next four being Metal Sonic, ThorWonder Woman and Ryu.
  • Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro is the only Death Battle to have no conclusive result, as the two are still fighting, just on another plane of existence.
  • Doomsday is the first villain to win against a hero.
  • Zero is the first combatant to defeat a winning combatant, with the next two being Wonder Woman and Black Panther.

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