Death Battle Combatant
The Bane of Hell itself
Origin Doom
Company id Software
Appearance(s) Master Chief VS Doomguy

The original, ass-kicking, demon-slaying, first person badass, and one of my personal heroes: Doomguy!
~ Boomstick's Introduction of Doomguy

At this particular moment in time I don't believe I have a healthier or more deeply felt respect for any object in the universe than this here shotgun...
~ Doomguy's quote in the 1996 comics

Doomguy is the main character of the Doom series. He appears in the 18th episode of Death Battle, Master Chief VS Doomguy, where he fought Halo protagonist Master Chief.


While most of his origin story is unknown, Doomguy was a Space Marine who was sent to Phobos, one of the twin moons of Mars, as punishment for disobeying his commanding officer, as well as for beating him to death. On Phobos, Doomguy discovered a magical gateway that leads straight to Hell. Ever since then, Doomguy has been responsible for stopping the demonic armies of Hell from invading Earth.

Death Battle Info


  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 230 lbs.
  • U.S. Space Marine Captain
  • Prefers a Run-&-Gun Strategy
  • Defeated Hell 5 times
  • Top Speed: 57 mph

Mega Armor

  • 2x's stronger than regular armor
  • Non-Renerating Energy Shields
  • Max Armor & Shield Charge is 200%

Side Arms

  • Pistol (Ammo Capacity: 200 Bullets)
  • Chainsaw (A.K.A.: Great Communicator; gas powered)
  • Chain Gun (Ammo: 5mm, rate of fire: 525 rpm, Full-Auto Dispenses Accuracy)

Standard Fire Arms

BFG 9000

  • Plasma Blasts
  • Slow-Moving Projectile
  • Huge Blast Radius
  • Can be charged
  • Obliterates everything


  • Laser Beams
  • Up to 3 simultaneous lasers
  • Paralyzes demons
  • Demon-Tech in origin
  • Feeds on Demonic Auras
  • Deadly only to the Demons of Hell


  • Berserk
  • Megasphere
  • Radiation Shield
  • Light Amplification Visor
  • Partial Invisibilty
  • Invulnerabilty

Comparison to Master Chief


  • Stronger Weapons
  • No Long Range Weaponry
  • 1.14x Faster
  • Weaker Defense
  • Useful Backpack
  • Reliance on Power-Ups Creates Inconsistency

Master Chief

  • More Weapons
  • Broader Variety of Skills
  • Superior Training & Experience
  • Near-Invincible Body & Armor
  • Regenerating Shields
  • Superior Reflexes



  • Doomguy is the only character on Death Battle without an official name, since he was never given one.
  • Doomguy first came to being within the 1990s era, in his case being December 10, 1993 due to the fact that DOOM first came out for MS-DOS & Mac OS.
  • Doomguy isn't ever referred to by name, due to the fact that the original game's co-designer John Romero said this was to increase player immersion. Romero said, "There was never a name for the DOOM marine because it's supposed to be YOU."
  • Doomguy also appears in the comic book of DOOM was issued in May 1996, produced by Tom Grindberg of Marvel Comics as a giveaway for a video game convention.
  • Doomguy's name in the film version of DOOM was actually named John "Reaper" Grimm, it should be pointed out that the film is non-canon.
  • Doomguy also has a sister in the film version of DOOM named Dr. Samantha Grimm.
  • Doomguy is left-handed in the first two DOOM games.
  • In the novel versions of DOOM & DOOM II, Doomguy's name is Flynn Taggart (the novels where shunned by fans).


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