Death Battle Combatant
Gamera Render by Simbiothero
The Guardian of the Universe
Origin Gamera
Company Kadokawa
Appearance(s) Godzilla VS Gamera
Gamera is a giant fire-breathing turtle from the series with the same name. He appeared in the 35th episode of Death Battle, Godzilla VS Gamera, where he fought against Toho's Godzilla.


Many millennia ago, an ancient advanced civilization known as Atlantis found a way to play god and created life, called the Gyaos, soon though, they got out of controlled, somehow being able to asexually reproduce themselves, to stop this, the Atlanteans created another creature, none other than Gamera, who had manage to defeat the Gyaos, however it was too late, as the Gyaos had already destroyed Atlantis in the process, Gamera realized that before defeating them all, some of them had layed eggs, but the earth's mana was too great for them to hatch, knowing that they would one day, Gamera went into hiberation, until it happened.

In the present day, because of the rising levels of carbon dioxide and nitric acid compounds caused by global warming, the Gyaos eggs hatched, since it was now the right environment for them, Gamera then had awoken to defend the modern day civilization and the planet from his nemesis, the Gyaos and any other threats.

Death Battle Info


  • Height: 80 meters / 262.5 ft
  • Weight: 9,000,000 kg / 10,000 tons
  • Origin: Atlantean bio-engineering
  • Age: Up to 150 million years
  • Feeds on fire, plasma, & mana
  • More intelligent than most humans
  • A skilled gymnast
  • Known as the Guardian of the Universe & Friend to All Children


  • Fire Breath
  • Plasma Fireballs
  • Accelerated healing
  • Mana manipulation
  • Flight
    • Top speed: Mach 3
  • Vanishing Plasma Fist
  • Ultimate Plasma Mana Cannon

Strengths & Feats

  • 16 wins, 3 losses, 2 ties
  • Famous steadfast determination
  • Plasma fire trumps the Tsar Bomb
  • Can jump hundreds of feet high
  • Survived a city-leveling explosion
  • Blew up a Star Destroyer [No joke]
  • Survived an orbital re-entry with crash landing
  • Repaired an alien spacecraft... wtf?


  • Underside of the shell is weaker than its top
  • Relies on human connection to maintain power
  • Prefers a winning through retreating strategy
  • Puts the Earth's safety above his own
  • Vulnerable to his own plasma



  • Gamera is currently the fourth tallest combatant, after Godzilla, the Megazord and Voltron.
    • Gamera is currently the heaviest combatant that has the ability to fly.
  • Gamera and his opponent are the first Kaiju to appear in Death Battle.
  • Gamera is the seventh turtle in Death Battle after Koopa Troopa, Leonardo, Donatello, MichelangeloRaphael and Blastoise, and with the next one being Bowser.
  • In Gamera's analysis, there was an error where one of his abilities, "Mana manipulation" was repeated twice.
  • Gamera is the first hero combatant to lose to a anti-hero combatant, being followed by Ryu.


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