Death Battle Combatant
Glacius CharBio
The Frozen Galactic Marshal
Origin Killer Instinct
Company Microsoft
Appearance(s) Sub-Zero VS Glacius
Light alone is harmless, but focused light is the most powerful force in the Universe.
~ Glacius' ruminations in Shadow Lords

Glacius is a playable character from the Killer Instinct series. He appears in the 77th episode of DEATH BATTLE, Sub-Zero VS Glacius where he went & face off against Sub-Zero from the Mortal Kombat series.


Glacius is a telepathic extra-terrestrial with the ability to manifest ice and water to his will. Glacius arrived on Earth after his ship was taken down by unknown illegal technology. After awaking from the crash, he notices that parts of his ship are missing, even the core which can bend space at will. Against the 88 Decrees, Glacius is honor-driven to find whoever stole the technology and safley discard it from their hands before it's too late.

While carefully sniffing out the thief, he encountered Sadira and the two fight, with Glacius coming out on top. Despite the short-lived victory, Sadira was victorious in taking his DNA which later creates the bastardization of his alien race, Cinder. Knowing now who is in control, Glacius goes after ARIA and was successful in rescuing Eagle; the man who was used to mold Ultratech's greatest weapons, the Fulgore units. After rescuing Eagle, Ultratech is successful in opening a portal to the Astral Plane which allows Gargos access to their world. The Earth at the peak of it's end, Glacius is bound to protect the young human race from disasters yet to come.

Death Battle Info


  • Codename: Glacius
  • Ultratech designation: UT-GG42
  • Height: 6'3" | 190.5 cm
  • Weight: 300 lbs | 136 kg
  • Galactic marshal for the Alliance of Worlds
  • Fragile body protected by an icy shell
  • Has multiple hearts

Move Set

  • Ice Lance
  • Shatter
  • Hail
  • Puddle Punch
  • Crystalize
    • Summons extra ice armor
  • Liquid form
    • Completely dissolves opponents
  • Minor telepathy


  • Can launch opponents several stories up
  • Surprise attacked ARIA
  • Defeated Thunder, TJ Combo, Riptor & Cinder
  • Infiltrated Ultratech
  • Helped stop Gargos
  • Survived crash landing in Antarctica



  • Glacius is the fourth combatant from the Killer Instinct series, being proceeded by Riptor, Black Orchid, and Fulgore, and being followed by TJ Combo.
    • Glacius is the second Killer Instinct character to face a Mortal Kombat character, with Fulgore being the first.
    • Glacius is also be the second Killer Instinct character to have had a Death Battle after Killer Instinct (Xbox One) released, with the first being Fulgore and the third being TJ Combo.
  • Glacius is the second Killer Instinct character to lose a DEATH BATTLE with the first one being Riptor.


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