Death Battle Combatant
Full body godzilla by awesomeness360-d7hrxhl
The King of the Monsters
Origin Godzilla
Company Toho
Appearance(s) Godzilla VS Gamera

Godzilla is a character from the franchise with the same name. He appeared in the 35th Death Battle episode, Godzilla VS Gamera, where he faced off against his longtime rival, Gamera.


Since the time of the dinosaurs, a giant prehistoric creature layed dormant at the bottom of the ocean. Until in 1954, the US tested their hydrogen bombs in the Pacific Ocean, caused it to disturb and awake it, as well as mutating it in the process. This creature would be known as Gojira by Japanese... or Godzilla, the King of the Monsters.

Ever since, Godzilla has made Japan his home. Leaving wakes of destruction wherever he goes, destroying cities and armies that tries to stop him. Strangely, he also seems to protect the planet whenever it is in danger. Ranging from several Kaijus like him, whom he had made enemies with throughout the years, to even extraterrestrials.

Death Battle Info


  • Height: 108 m / 355 ft
  • Weight: 81,600,000 kg / 90,000 tons
  • Japanese name: Gojira
  • Age: Over 65 million years
  • Feeds on nuclear radiation
  • Nuclear powered heart
  • Accidentally mutated by nukes
  • Somehow has knowledge in judo & boxing


  • Atomic Breath
    • Spiral Atomic Breath
  • Nuclear Pulse
  • Regenerator G1
  • Magnetic powers
  • Sharp dorsal plates
  • Uncanny durability
  • Godly strength
  • Can breathe underwater

Strengths & Feats


  • Sensitive to light
  • Relatively slow
  • Somewhat clumsy due to size
  • Lost to King Kong & Mothra
  • Gills are a weak spot
  • Vulnerable to strong surges of unnatural electricity
  • Killed by Oxygen Destroyer & MechaGodzilla 2

One Minute Melee

Godzilla makes a brief appearance in the April Fools One Minute Melee episode Goku vs Sonic, in which he eats but is blown up by Goku.



  • Godzilla is currently the tallest Death Battle combatant at 355 Ft (108 Meters).
    • His opponent Gamera also happens to be the fourth tallest at 262.5 Ft (80 Meters).
  • Godzilla has matched Thor on sheer brute strength alone, making him one of the strongest combatants in Death Battle.
  • Godzilla and Gamera are the second pair of combatants to actually fight on the upper fringe of Earth's atmosphere, the first being Goku and Superman.
  • Godzilla and his opponent are the first Kaiju in Death Battle.
  • Godzilla is the second Death Battle champion to roar in victory, the first was Blastoise, followed by Goliath, Donkey Kong and Doomsday.
  • Godzilla is the second dinosaur-based combatant to win a Death Battle. The first was Yoshi, who beat Riptor, and the third was Agumon, who beat Charizard.
  • Godzilla is also the second Death Battle Combatant to be featured on The Desk of Death Battle hosted by Jocelyn the Intern herself.
  • Godzilla is the first anti-hero combatant to win against a hero combatant, followed by Scorpion.


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