Death Battle Combatant
Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
The Walking Brown Mushroom with Fangs
Origin Super Mario Bros.
Company Nintendo
Appearance(s) Goomba VS Koopa
Bowser VS Ganon (cameo)
Goomba's are fuckin' morons.
~ Boomstick about the intelligence of a Goomba

The Goomba is one of Bowser's bravest, but stupidest, minions. He appears in the fourth episode of Death Battle, Goomba VS Koopa, where he took on another common Mario enemy, the Koopa Troopa.


The Goombas used to be steadfast allies of the Mushroom Kingdom. After years of oppression due to their low intelligence and short stature, they betrayed their own mushroom brethren and became the backbone of Bowser's vast army. They are considered some of the weakest of Bowser's army as it only takes one stomp from Mario's foot to bring them down.

Death Battle Info

Basic Combat Strategies

  • Charges into opponents
  • Not very strong
  • Adapts well to various environments
  • Useless Fangs

Goomba's Shoe

  • Gives jumping ability
  • Cannot be pierced by Spikes or Spinies
  • Also called "Kuribo's Shoe"
  • Can be stolen easily

Paragoomba Wings

  • Enables slow flight
  • Better suited for hovering
  • Easily clipped
  • Can drop Micro-Goombas as living bombs
  • Baby Killers

Telekinesis Powers?

  • Can use baseball bats w/o hands & arms
  • Not really, they're just weird like that...

Bowser VS Ganon

Some Goombas make a cameo in Bowser VS Ganon as minions by Bowser's side until they are killed by Ganondorf.

One Minute Melee

A Goomba army appeared as the main combatants in Season 4 of One Minute Melee where they took on a Waddle Dee army from the Kirby series. Both sides ended up losing.


Many Goombas and Koopa Troopas appeared at the end of the DBX Mario VS Luigi, where they celebrated Bowser Jr.'s birthday party, until it got interupted by the fight between the Mario Bros., who quickly got thrown out by Bowser.