Death Battle Combatant
Green Arrow 1
The Emerald Archer
Green Arrow
Origin More Fun Comics #73
Company Warner Bros.
Appearance(s) Green Arrow VS Hawkeye
Bonus points to poetic justice.
~ Green Arrow

Oliver Queen, AKA Green Arrow, is a superhero from DC Comics. He starred in the 56th episode of DEATH BATTLE! Green Arrow VS Hawkeye, where he fought his longtime rival from Marvel Comics, Hawkeye.


Orphaned at a young age, Oliver Queen was a billionaire playboy philanthropist with no sense of responsibility or direction in his life, until one day when he fell off his boat in the middle of the ocean where he is thrown onto a deserted island with nothing but a bow to survive. While there he discovered that criminal China White was smuggling drugs and stopped her.

Changed by these events, Oliver now knows what he wants to do and uses his archery skills to protect Star City as the Green Arrow.



Trick Arrows

  • Acid Arrows
  • Explosive Arrows
  • Boomerang Arrows
  • Kryptonite Arrows
  • Boxing Glove Arrows
  • Diamond-Tipped Arrows
  • Tornado Arrows
  • Buzzsaw Arrows
  • ...Chimney Sweep Arrows?


  • Held his drawn bow for half an hour
  • Shot the safety of a gun
  • Can pin a person's hand with an arrow from the bottom of a dam
  • Has the willpower to resist a Black Lantern ring
  • Can send arrows down gun barrels with ease
  • Shoots other arrows out of the sky
  • Wrestled an alligator

One Minute Melee

Green Arrow appears in Season 2 of One Minute Melee, where he fought his Death Battle opponent, Hawkeye once again, this time ending up victorious.




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