Death Battle Combatant
Berserk guts by dragonwarrior h-da9e1jq
The Black Swordsman
Origin Berserk
Company Hakusensha, Inc.
Appearance(s) Guts VS Nightmare
My sword has gotten very dull. However, it's three times as thick and does three times the damage of a normal sword. You better pray you die quickly, or this could be painful.
~ Guts

Guts is the main protagonist of the anime/manga Berserk. He starred in the episode Guts VS Nightmare, where he dueled against SoulCalibur antagonist Nightmare.


Guts' life has been hell since day one. After being born from the corpse of his hanging mother, a group of mercenaries found him with Shisu taking him in as her child, until she died of the plauge.

With nowhere else to turn to, he was trained by the mercenary leader Gambino at the age of six, and went into first battle at age nine where he made his first kill. He later killed Gambino after all his abuse (emotional, physical, and sexual) went too far.

Guts would venture of as a freelance mercenary until he was recruited into the Band of the Hawk, where he got more comfortable, and relaxed with them. But then the clans leader Griffith, summoned a group of demons killing all the clan members, raped his girlfriend Casca, and left Guts with a amputated arm and a gouged out eye. Guts would later swear revenge against Griffith and vowed to kill him.

Death Battle Info


  • Height: 6'3"/190.5 cm
  • Weight: 230 lbs/104.3 kg
  • AKA The Black Swordsman
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Mentors: Gambino, Griffith, Godo
  • Branded sacrifice to Femto
  • Former Hawk's Raiders commander
  • Trained to fight since the age of 6
  • Hates the weak


  • Mechanical Hand
    • Cannon Arm
    • Repeater Crossbow
    • Flame Gun
    • Magnetized to better grip sword
  • Miniature Bombs
    • Explosive radius: 15 ft/4.6 m
    • Approx. the size of a golf ball
    • Spiked for sticking to foes
  • Throwing Knives [5]
  • Short Dagger
  • Berserker Armor


  • Length: 6'6"/198 cm
  • Weight: Approx. 400 lbs/180 kg
  • Forged by Godo
  • Made of steel, yet somehow stronger than steel
  • Resides in both the physical & astral planes of existence simultaneously


  • Slew 100 men by himself in 1 night
  • Survived combat with Nonferatu Zodd
  • Shattered Grunbeld's shield
  • Caught Grunbeld's dragon tail swing
  • Has killed well over 1,000 enemies
  • Survived countless wounds
  • Killed the "Sea God" from within
  • Once killed a demon disguised as a woman while banging her... no joke

One Minute Melee

Guts appears as a combatant in Season 5 of One Minute Melee, where he fought against Kirito from Sword Art Online and won.


Guts appeared as a combatant in DBX, where he battled Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy and lost.




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