Death Battle Combatant
Harry in Robe with Wand Front View (Painting) - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
The Boy Who Lived
Harry Potter
Origin Harry Potter
Company Warner Bros.
Appearance(s) Luke Skywalker VS Harry Potter
Working hard is important, but there's something that matters even more. Believing in yourself. Think of it this way: Every great wizard in history has started out as nothing more than we are now. Students. If they can do it, why not us?
~ Harry Potter to Dumbledore's Army
Harry Potter is the main protagonist of the series by the same name. He appears in the 15th episode of Death Battle, Luke Skywalker VS Harry Potter, where he dueled Star Wars protagonist Luke Skywalker.


Shortly after his birth, Harry Potter's parents were murdered by the Dark Wizard, Lord Voldemort. Once he came of age, Harry started attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he learned to practice magic and realize his potential as a wizard with his friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Harry finds out that his fate is tied to Voldemort and spends his school years fighting the villain's forces before facing off against the Dark Lord in a final battle.

Death Battle Info


  • Height: N/A [Tall]
  • Weight: N/A [Skinny]
  • Born July 31, 1980
  • Half-Blood Wizard
  • Accidentally Cursed to Carry Voldemort's Powers
  • Married to Ginny Weasley


  • Length: 11 in.
  • Make: Holly
  • Core: Phoenix Feather
  • Described as "Nice & Supple"
  • Brother to Voldemort's Wand


Firebolt Broomstick

  • 0 to 150 mph in 10 seconds
  • Braking Charm
  • Perfect Balance
  • Streamlined Ash
  • Individually Selected Twigs of Aerodynamic Perfection



  • Teleportation
  • Long Range
  • Instantaneous
  • Does Not Require a Wand
  • Possibly Easier to Do With a Wand


  • Prevents Mind Control & Mind Reading
  • Has Not Mastered, but is Adequate
  • Unconventionally Uses a Fond Memory as a Shield

Cloak of Invisibility

  • The Third Deathly Hallow
  • Does Not Wear Out
  • Hides the Wearer
  • Cannot Be Detected Unless the Wearer Allows it



  • Harry Potter is the first Death Battle combatant that comes from a book series.
    • He's also the only Warner Bros based combatant that's not from DC or the Mortal Kombat universes.


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