Death Battle Combatant
The Alchemist Dominatrix
Ivy Valentine
Origin Soulcalibur
Company Bandai Namco
Appearance(s) Ivy VS Orchid
I'll teach you to behave!
~ Ivy before using Acasual Paradox

Isabella "Ivy" Valentine is a character from the Soulcalibur series. She appears in the 29th episode of Death Battle, Ivy VS Orchid, where she battled Black Orchid of the Killer Instinct franchise. 


Ivy was raised by a London family named the Valentines. Ivy's father became obsessed with learning the secrets of the cursed blade Soul Edge and worked himself to death. Ivy discovered from her mother that they weren't her biological parents, as her father was the cursed pirate Cervantes who formerly wielded Soul Edge. Ivy became an alchemist determined to destroy the blade that ruined her family.

Death Battle Info


  • Full name: Countess Isabella Valentine
  • Height: 177.8 cm / 5'10"
  • Weight: 58 kg / 128 Ibs
  • Age: 49 [Physically 32]
  • Hometown: London
  • Daughter of Cervantes
  • Fighting Style: Self-taught
  • A dominatrix for no real reason


  • Alchemy
    • Lab-based
    • Instrumental in creating her snake sword
    • Not typically for combat
    • Used in some special moves
  • Summoning magic
  • Acasual Paradox Critical Edge
  • Grand Alchemy Critical Finish

Valentine Snake Sword

  • Formerly called "Ivy Blade"
  • Alternates between sword & whip
  • Max whip length: 9 m / 30 ft
  • Can use Guard Impacts
  • Can perform Edge Attacks
  • Granted life by Soul Edge
  • Critical Finish & Edge moves
  • Definitely not for novice swordsmen

Known Win/Loss W/L - 3/4



  • Ivy Valentine is the first Soulcalibur character to get into Death Battle, the second being Nightmare.
    • Ivy also is the second Namco character on Death Battle, the first being Dig Dug and the next three being Nightmare, Agumon and Renamon.
      • Ivy is also the first Namco character to lose a Death Battle, the next two being Nightmare and Renamon.


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