Death Battle Combatant
Lion-O HQ
The Lord of the ThunderCats
Origin ThunderCats
Company Warner Bros
Appearance(s) He-Man VS Lion-O
Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! ThunderCats, hooo!
~ Lion-O's iconic battlecry

Lion-O is the protagonist of ThunderCats. He appears in the 26th episode of Death Battle, He-Man VS Lion-O, where he fought against He-Man from the Masters of the Universe cartoon. He was voiced by Xander Mobus.


A young Lion-O barely escaped the destruction of his home planet Thundera along with the five Thundarian Nobles. However, a malfunction in his cryo tube caused his body to age by ten years while keeping his mind as a 13 year old one. As the leader of the ThunderCats he fights against the evil forces of Mumm-ra.

Death Battle info


  • Age: 13 years, physically 23
  • Height: 1.9 m / 6'4"
  • Weight: 102.5 kg / 225 Ibs
  • Species: Thunderian
  • Lord of the ThunderCats
  • Trained by ThunderCat nobles
  • Has command over all cats

Sword of Omens

  • Cuts through most material
  • Extends immeasurably
  • Can be summoned from a distance
  • Flight
  • Casts force fields
  • Sword Beams
    • Lightning, fire, or varied temperatures
    • Laser + "guiding" beam
    • Scattered explosive beams
    • Many, many more

The Eye of Thundera

  • A seperate, living entity
  • Limitless magical power
  • Grants super strength
  • Alerts of relevent danger
  • Source of ThunderCat life
  • Sight-Beyond-Sight
    • Surveys events across space & time
    • Visual & audible
    • Cosmic & magnetic fields can interfere

Claw Shield

  • Extremely durable shield
  • 4 grappling hooks
  • Claw-shot
  • Smokescreen
  • Highly reflective surface
  • Claws can pierce stone
  • Small, portable size
  • Sheathes the Sword of Omens


  • Thundrainium
  • Very reliant on Eye
  • Minimal education
  • Somewhat immature & hot-blooded
  • The Eye is the source of his life


  • Lifted & threw an Ancient Spirit of Evil
  • Beat Panthro in strength
  • Beat Cheetara in a 5 mile sprint
  • Pulled an escaping starship down
  • Survived the planet's core
  • Survived the vacuum of space
  • Held together a broken planet

Death Battle Quotes

  • Stop right there! (to He-Man)
  • You would mount that poor pussy like some kind of mule? You muscular fiend! Noble tiger, turn on your master! (to He-Man and Battle Cat)
  • I am Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats... and you will pay for your animal cruelty. (to He-Man after he punches Battle Cat into the sky)
  • I've got plenty of tricks left. (to He-Man after being disarmed)
  • Want to keep going? Looks like you're a bit tied up at the moment. (to He-Man after trapping him)
  • I... think... I've... got a... hair ball. (while trapped in a tornado)
  • Wait a minute... that's... impossible... (seeing He-Man lift up an entire mountain)
  • Time for the climactic finale! (after stabbing He-Man with the Sword of Omens)
  • That's not possible! (after He-Man shatters the Sword of Omens)



  • Lion-O, along with Robocop, Wolverine and Agumon, were voiced by Xander Mobus.
  • Like his opponent He-Man, Lion-O has also once fought Superman.
  • Lion-O is one of the few characters whose weaknesses are mentioned before their feats, the others being Blanka, Luigi and Tails.
  • Lion-O, along with the White Tigerzord and Voltron, is easily the most powerful feline-based combatant.