Death Battle Combatant
Mega Man (Mega Man 10)
The Blue Bomber
Mega Man
Origin Mega Man
Company Capcom
Appearance(s) Mega Man VS Astro Boy

Leon Kennedy VS Frank West (cameo)

Mega Man is the main protagonist of the eponymous video game series of the same name. He appeared in the 55th episode, Mega Man VS Astro Boy, where he fought anime/manga icon Astro Boy.


Rock was a young robot created by the genius Dr. Light, but when Light's colleague, Dr. Wily, tries to take over the world with Light's Robot Master's, Rock volunteers to become a combat robot to stop Wily's plans as the hero, Mega Man.

Death Battle Info


  • Real Name: Rock
  • Serial Number: DLN-001
  • Height: 4'4" | 132 cm
  • Weight: 230 lbs | 105 kg
  • Dr Light's second advanced-AI robot after the first went rogue
  • The only iteration of Mega Man to have blue eyes
  • His soccer skills would surprise you

Variable Weapon System Abilities


  • Managed to hold up Wily's Castle with his own two hands
  • Functions as easily on Jupiter as he does on Earth
  • Defeated foes whose internal temperatures range from 12,000*C to Absolute Zero
  • Brought down the evil genius Dr. Wily more than 20 times
  • Defeated his future self twice

Leon Kennedy VS Frank West

Mega Man's original sprite makes a cameo in Leon Kennedy VS Frank West, as it is part of an advertisement of a Capcom Heroes Arcade that Leon Kennedy and Frank West are fighting near.

One Minute Melee

Mega Man appeared in Season 1 of One Minute Melee where he supposedly fought Metroid's Samus Aran. However, after he defeats her, it's revealed to be her monstrous counterpart, SA-X. The real Samus Aran arrives and helps Mega Man destroy the monster.


Mega Man appears as a combatant on DBX, where faced off against Konami's Bomberman and won. He was voiced by Matthew Morandi.



  • Mega Man is the second character in his series to be a combatant in Death Battle, the first being Dr. Wily and his robot masters and with the third being Zero.
  • Mega Man is known as Rock Man in Japan. To reference this in the comics and cartoon, his standard name is Rock when he's not Mega Man.
  • Mega Man's sprites were lifted straight out of the 1995 SNES game, Mega Man 7.
  • Prior to the episode, a heavily requested opponent for Mega Man was Beck from Mighty No. 9. However, due to the hype for his game dying down and the eventual backlash for the final product, it was scrapped.
  • Mega Man is the fourth Death Battle loser to win in DBX after Ryu, Wolverine and Cloud Strife, with the next five being Darth Vader, Chun-Li, Thor, The Hulk and Jotaro Kujo.
    • He's the second character in DBX to defeat a Death Battle loser, the first being Wolverine and the next two being Chun-Li and Thor.
  • Mega Man's robotic dog Rush has made several cameos throughout DEATH BATTLE!
    • As one of Hercule's capsules in Hercule Satan VS Dan Hibiki
    • When he merged with Mega Man to form the Super Adapter
    • At the KO! screen when he plays fetch with Astro Boy with Mega Man's head
    • In Mega Man's DBX fight against Bomberman, he sacrifices Rush to escape Bomberman's massive explosion.


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