Death Battle Combatant
MMPR MegaZord
The Teenagers with Attitude
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Origin Power Rangers
Company Saban
Appearance(s) Power Rangers VS Voltron

Jason the Red Ranger: IT'S MORPHIN TIME!
Zack The Black Ranger: MASTADON!

Kimberly the Pink Ranger: PTERODACTYL!

Billy the Blue Ranger: TRICERATOPS!

Trini the Yellow Ranger: SABERTOOTH TIGER!

Jason the Red Ranger: TYRANNOSARUS!


~ The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as they morph

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are a team of superheroes from the Power Rangers series. They appeared in the 75th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Power Rangers VS Voltron, where they faced off against the Voltron Lion Force from the Voltron: Defender of the Universe anime series.

Jason the Red Ranger was voiced by Alejandro Saab, Zack the Black Ranger was voiced by Andre "Black Nerd" Meadows, Billy the Blue Ranger was voiced by Jeffrey "Space Hamster" Fabre, Trini the Yellow Ranger was voiced by Morgan Berry, and Kimberly the Pink Ranger was voiced by Melonie Mac.


When Rita Repulsa escaped from her space dumpster, Zordon and his robotic assistant recruited five teenagers with attitude to become the Power Rangers. The team consisted of Jason Lee Scott as the Red Ranger and leader, Zack Taylor the Black Ranger, Billy Cranston the Blue Ranger, Trini Kwan the Yellow Ranger, and Kimberly Hart the Pink Ranger. The five harnessed the power of the Power Coins that contain the spirit of the dinosaurs.

In emergencies, the rangers summon their Dino Zords. While each one is strong on their own, they can form the mighty MegaZord in either Tank Mode, or the humanoid Battle Mode. Armed with the Power Sword and Mastodon Shield, it's sure to defeat any monster.

Death Battle Info

Jason: Red Ranger

  • Full name: Jason Lee Scott
  • Birthday: October 20
  • Zord: Tyrannosaurus
  • Megazord Role: Pilot
  • Trained in kenpo, taekwondo, shinkido, & judo
  • Benched 3,000 reps in 1 day
  • Became a World Peace Ambassador
  • Enjoys Sushi

Billy: Blue Ranger

  • Full name: Billy Cranston
  • Birthday: April 1
  • Zord: Triceratops
  • Megazord Role: Technician
  • Invented a body switching machine
  • Built the Rad Bug
    • Can go 0 to 3,000 mph in 2.8 seconds
  • Member of 6 school clubs
  • Enjoys reading

Trini: Yellow Ranger

  • Full name: Trini Kwan
  • Birthday: August 9
  • Zord: Sabretooth Tiger
  • Megazord Role: Tactics
  • Formerly afraid of heights
  • Became a World Peace Ambassador
  • Favorite superhero: Wonder Woman
  • Enjoys exta-spicy chili dogs

Kimberly: Pink Ranger

  • Full name: Kimberly Ann Heart
  • Birthday: February 14
  • Zord: Pterodactyl
  • Megazord Role: Communications
  • Fluent in American Sign Language
  • World class gymnast
  • Enjoys Tommy Oliver
  • "Too much pink energy is dangerous"
    • Zordon, 1880

Zack: Black Ranger

  • Full name: Zachary Taylor
  • Birthday: May 3
  • Zord: Mastodon
  • Megazord Role: Weapons Specialist
  • Created the Hip Hop Kido martial art
  • Missing his left middle finger
  • Became a World Peace Ambassador
  • Enjoys dancing


  • Height: 333 feet/101.5 m
  • Weight: 172,000 lbs/78,018 kg
  • Solar-powered
  • Cranial laser
  • Tank Mode
  • Mastadon Shield
    • Reflects most energy projectiles
  • Power Sword
    • Killed 18 giant monsters

Death Battle Quotes

  • Power Rangers: Power Rangers!
  • Jason: We need Dinozord power, now!
  • Jason: All right Rangers, log off!
  • Zack: Zack here, this is kickin'!
  • Billy: This is Billy, all systems go!
  • Trini: Trini reporting, ready to rock!
  • Kimberly: I love this part! Let's tame these kittens!
  • Jason: Megazord Battle Mode!
  • Billy: C'mon!
  • Zack: Who are these guys!?
  • Jason: We need the Power Sword, now!
  • Billy: Ha! Stay down!
  • Jason: Let's show 'em how it's done!
  • Power Rangers: Yeah!
  • Kimberly: Isn't this usually the part where we win?
  • Trini: Jason look! It's wide open!
  • Jason: All right guys, let's finish this!
  • Billy: Quick, redirect the energy!
  • Jason: It's too much!



  • Power Rangers was a show orignally from Japan named Super Sentai. American scenes and an original storyline was used on top of the Japanese fight footage to create Power Rangers.
  • The Power Ranger's Megazord is the second tallest DEATH BATTLE combatant which is 333 Ft(101.5 M) tall. The first being Godzilla, which is 335 Ft(108 M) tall, the third being Voltron AT 300 Ft (91.44 M) and the fourth being Gamera, which is 265.5 Ft(80 M) tall.
  • This is the second Death Battle in which Power Rangers that took part in. The first was Tommy Oliver aka the White Ranger and the Tigerzord.
    • Plus the second Power Rangers combatants who lost in DEATH BATTLE (after the Tigerzord).
    • Plus Zack: The Black Ranger being the first black character to lose a DEATH BATTLE, following Balrog.


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