Death Battle Combatant
The Mayor of Metro City
Mike Haggar
Origin Final Fight
Company Capcom
Appearance(s) Haggar VS Zangief
Drop me a line so I can visit your Hospital Room!
~ Mike Hagger after fighting his opponent in Saturday Night Slam Masters

Mike Haggar is a former pro-wrestler/mayor of Metro City from the Final Fight series. He appears in the fifth episode of Death Battle, Haggar VS Zangief, where he battled fellow Capcom wrestler Zangief of the Street Fighter franchise.


For many years, Michael "Mike" Haggar was a champion wrestler of Slam Masters until being elected mayor of Metro city, a metropolis overrun with street gangs. He and his friends Guy and Cody took on the Mad Gear Gang when they kidnapped Mike's daughter after he refused to co-operate.

Death Battle Info


  • Height: 200 cm / 6'7"
  • Weight: 121 kg / 266 lbs.
  • Fighting Style: American Wrestling & Scottish Backhold
  • Mayor of Metro City, former wrestler

American Wrestling

  • Grabs
  • Holds
  • Twists
  • Quick Strikes
  • Submissions
  • Tie-Ups

Scottish Backhold

  • Focused on Balance
  • Grappling
  • Pressure
  • Sustained Grip
  • No ground work involved

Notable Moves

  • Suplex
  • Piledriver
  • Back Flip Drop
  • Body Splash
  • Spinning Clothesline Lariat
  • Spinning Piledriver

Steel Pipe

  • Favored melee weapon
  • Decent Projectile

Bull Sharks

  • 7-11 ft. long
  • 500 lbs.
  • Very dangerous
  • Swims near shores often
  • Wrestling demonstrates Scottish Backhold



  • In addition to being the first Final Fight character to appear on Death Battle, Mike Haggar is also the first (and so far only) Saturday Night Slam Masters character to appear on Death Battle as well.
  • While originating in Final Fight, Haggar is also from the Street Fighter series, since both games exist in the same universe, though he hasn't been playable in a single entry, other Final Fight characters like Guy, Cody, Poison, Rolento, Sodom, Maki, and Hugo have.
    • Coincidentally, Final Fight was originally intended to be a sequel to the first Street Fighter game.
  • Haggar, along with his opponent, were the first wrestlers on Death Battle.
  • Haggar's sprite was built off of the Hulk's sprite from Capcom's Marvel fighting games.


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