Death Battle Combatant
Princess Peach (Fortune Street)
The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
Princess Peach
Origin Super Mario Bros.
Company Nintendo
Appearance(s) Haggar VS Zangief (cameo)
Zelda VS Peach
Listen, everybody. Let's bake a delicious cake... For Mario.
~ Peach telling Toads to bake a cake for Mario after he saved her in Super Mario 64

Princess Peach is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom from the Mario Bros franchise. She appeared in the 20th episode of Death Battle, Zelda VS Peach, where she went up against Princess Zelda of Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series.


A descendent of the Toadstool family, Princess Peach is typically your standard meek and helpless princess, which is accurate considering she's been kidnapped many times. However, on her own, she can use her vast arsenal to defeat enemies.

Death Battle Info


  • Full Name: Princess Peach Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom
  • Favors Technique over Power
  • Classy & Graceful
  • Resourceful & Athletic
  • Generous to a fault
  • Has been playable in 39+ of her 57+ games


Heart Power


  • Eager to Assist in Battle whenever she can.
  • Once saved the Mario Bros. from Bowser Single-Handedly
  • Survived every Mario Party
  • Can Never avoid a kidnapping
  • Awful Employer
  • Bakes really good cakes

Compared to Princess Zelda

Princess Peach

  • More Combat Experience
  • Abundant & Diverse Arsenal
  • Stronger Endurance
  • More Athletic
  • Just as clever & resourceful
  • Few Fatal Attacks
  • Mega Strike is Overpowered
  • Rage is Convenient Invulnerability

Princess Zelda

  • Less Combat Experience
  • Limited Combat Magic
  • More Destructive Potential
  • Wisdom does not grant better instinct or combat skills
  • Light Arrow's magic is only deadly to the forces of evil
  • Triforce of Wisdom & Magic are better suited out of combat

Haggar VS Zangief

Peach made a brief appearance during the fight between Haggar and Zangief, where Peach was thrown out of a building along with a Dragon Ball, Big the Cat, and Pedobear.


Princess Peach made a cameo in the DBX episode Mario VS Luigi, where she and Yoshi watched the Mario Bros. play tennis before the fight began.



  • Princess Peach is the fifth Mario character on Death Battle, the first four being Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Yoshi and Mario and the last three being Luigi, Donkey Kong, and Bowser.
    • She is also the second Mario character to win, right after Yoshi and followed by Donkey Kong.
    • She is also the second Mario character who didn't fight a Sonic character or another Mario character. The first one being Yoshi and the next one being Bowser.
    • She is also the first Mario character to face a Legend of Zelda character with her facing Princess Zelda, with the next one being Bowser facing Ganondorf.
  • Before Peach was confirmed as a combatant against Zelda, she made her first Death Battle episode appearance as one of the seven subjects/objects to be thrown out of a building during Haggar VS Zangief.
  • Peach's sprite was borrowed from the fan-made Super Smash Flash 2, while her audio clips are borrowed from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


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