Death Battle Combatant
Zelda png
The Princess of Hyrule
Princess Zelda
Origin The Legend of Zelda
Company Nintendo
Appearance(s) Zelda VS Peach
I will deal with Hyrule's enemies myself!
~ Princess Zelda in Hyrule Warriors

Princess Zelda is a princess and the title character of the Legend of Zelda franchise. She appears in the 20th episode of Death Battle, Zelda VS Peach, where she dueled fellow Nintendo Princess Peach of the Mario franchise.


Zelda is the multi-incarnate princess of the Hyrule Kingdom and a descendant of the goddess Hylia. She possesses one third of the Triforce, her's specifically being the Triforce of Wisdom. Despite her powerful magical abilities, her descendants are often kidnapped and have to be rescued by that incarnation's version of Link.

Death Battle Info


  • Full Name: Zelda Hyrule, Princess of Destiny
  • Race: Hylian
  • 7th Sage/Maiden
  • Descendent of the Goddess, Hylia
  • Blessed with Wisdom of Nayru
  • Stubborn & Feisty
  • Noble & Wise



  • Minor Telekinesis
  • Prophetic Dreams
  • One-Way Telepathy
  • Farore's Wind
  • Nayru's Love
  • DIn's Fire
  • Healing Spells

Triforce of Wisdom

  • 1/3 of the Triforce
  • Enhances Magical Ability
  • Leads Bearer to Wise Decisions
  • Protects Bearer from Evil
  • Creates Faultless Disguises


  • Escaped Capture as Sheik for 7 Years
  • Leader of the 7 Sages
  • Never Questioned by her Subjects
  • Briefly Trained in Combat with Link
  • Often Helps Finish off Ganon
  • Usually Relies on Guardians & Sanctuaries


Princess Zelda

  • Less Combat Experience
  • Limited Combat Magic
  • More Destructive Potential
  • Wisdom does not grant better instinct or combat skills
  • Light Arrow's magic is only deadly to the forces of evil
  • Triforce of Wisdom & Magic are better suited out of combat

Princess Peach

  • More combat experience
  • Abundant & diverse arsenal
  • Stronger endurance
  • More athletic
  • Just as clever & resourceful
  • Few fatal attacks
  • Mega Strike is overpowered
  • Rage is convenient



  • Zelda was the first Legend of Zelda character on Death Battle, debuting before Link and Ganondorf.
  • Zelda is the only Legend of Zelda character to lose a Death Battle match.
  • Zelda among her opponent are the sixteenth and seventeenth characters to appear on Death Battle who both came from the 1980s era, in her case being 1986 as The Legend of Zelda first came out for the Family Computer Disk System.


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