Death Battle Combatant
Metal Gear R Raiden
The Cyborg Ripper
Origin Metal Gear Solid 2
Company Konami
Appearance(s) Wolverine VS Raiden
I am lightning. The rain transformed.
~ Raiden

Raiden is one of the protagonists of the Metal Gear series. He appeared in the 52nd episode of Death Battle, Wolverine VS Raiden, where he fought against Wolverine from Marvel Comics. He was voiced by Tim Paige.


Jack is an American child soldier who was born in the 1980's and was raised by Solidus Snake. His initial objective was to rescue several hostages from a terrorist group known as the Sons of Liberty. Raiden is helped by mercenary Solid Snake and spy Olga Gurlukovich across his mission. A clandestine organization known as The Patriots is revealed to be controlling his actions, however, with his commanding officer revealed as their computer-generated AI, and one of their spies becomes Raiden's girlfriend, and the two fall in love. Raiden defeats Solidus after being told by the Patriots' AIs that his death would also trigger the deaths of Olga's child and Rosemary, the latter of whom was revealed to have been pregnant with Raiden's child during the mission.

His body was heavily modified after he was captured due to his anti-Patriot activities. The trauma of his breakup with Rosemary, coupled with the apparent miscarriage of his child, have made Raiden believe his only place is on the battlefield. He assists Solid Snake in the fight against Liquid Ocelot wanting to obtain the Patriots' powers. After several encounters with Liquid's men, Raiden stays in the ship Outer Haven to protect Snake as he shuts down the Patriots' AIs. Later Rosemary reveals to Raiden that their child was not miscarried; her marriage to Roy Campbell was a hoax to protect her and their son from the Patriots. Upon hearing this news, Raiden reconciles with Rosemary.

Death Battle Info


  • Real Name: Jack
  • Age: 35 years
  • Height: Approx. 5'10"/177.8 cm
  • Aliases: Jack the Ripper, White Devil, Snake, Mr. Lightning Bolt
  • Former child soldier & spy
  • Member of Maverick Security Counseling Inc.
  • Proud wearer of 5 cyborg bodies

Powers & Arsenal

  • Durable cyborg body
  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman speed
  • Can generate electricity
  • Fuel cell electrolyte absorption
  • Blade Mode
  • Zandatsu
  • Ripper Mode

Murasama High-Frequency Blade

  • Vibrations destabilize target's molecular bonds
  • Faster vibrations rate than Raiden's original HF Blade
  • High uptake rate
  • Originally forged in 16th century
  • Previously owned by Sam Rodrigues
  • ID Locked
  • Cuts through nanomachines, son!



  • Who the hell are you? Get out of my way!
  • What?
  • Who... what are you?
  • Let's dance!
  • I will end you!
  • Are you some kind of cyborg?
  • I'll just have to swing harder then!
  • Shit! Not again!
  • Pain! This is why I fight!
  • Hahaha it's time for Jack the Ripper, to let 'er rip!

One Minute Melee

Raiden appeared in Season 4 of One Minute Melee, where he faced off against Genos from One Punch Man and won. He was voiced by ProfKranc.

He later made a cameo in Genos VS Cyborg, when Genos mentioned that he wants to take Raiden down after their last battle.


Raiden appeared as a combatant on DBX, where he fought against Genji from the video game Overwatch and won.



  • Raiden is the third Konami character to get into Death Battle, with the first two being Bomberman and Solid Snake.
    • He is also the second Metal Gear character to get in, with the first being Solid Snake.
  • Raiden is the fifth cyborg combatant, after RoboCop, Sektor, Fulgore, and Darth Vader, and following him as sixth is Android 18.
  • He's the second combatant named Raiden, the first being Raiden from the Mortal Kombat series.
    • Coincidentally, they both fought a Marvel Comics character.
  • Raiden is the first cyborg combatant who didn't fight a combatant who utilizes technology to fight. (Although Wolverine's adamantium skeleton was a product of science, it's still a part of his natural biology). Following him as second is Android 18, who fought Captain Marvel. (Whose powers technically also come from science, or better, the explosion of a machine).
  • Raiden is the strongest Metal Gear combatant in Death Battle.
  • Raiden is the second combatant to win a Death Battle, One Minute Melee and DBX after Roronoa Zoro and before Zero, Akuma and Vegeta.


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