This is about the Raiden from the Mortal Kombat universe. For the Raiden from Metal Gear, see Raiden

Death Battle Combatant
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The Defender of Earthrealm and God of Thunder
Origin Mortal Kombat
Company Warner Bros.
Appearance(s) Thor VS Raiden

I am of truth and light. I protect Earthrealm.
~ Raiden in Mortal Kombat X

Raiden is the god of thunder from the Mortal Kombat series. He appears in Death Battle's 21st episode, Thor VS Raiden, where he fought against Marvel's god of thunder & superhero, Thor.


Raiden is the protector of Earthrealm and serves as the world's God of Thunder. When he isn't allowed to interfere with Mortal Kombat tournaments, he recruits other warriors who are as willing to risk their life as much as he is.

Death Battle Info


  • Full Name: Lord Raiden
  • Height: 7'
  • Weight: 350 Lbs.
  • Age: Eternal
  • Protector of Earthrealm
  • Martial arts mastery

Special Moves

  • Lightning Shots
  • Vicinity Blast
  • Shocking Touch
  • Electric Fly
  • Electric Slide
  • Teleport
  • Fatalities

Godly Powers

  • Ethereal energy composition
  • Weather manipulation
  • Electricity manipulation
  • Flight
  • Healing powers
  • Immortality
  • Eventually reincarnated after death


  • Most powerful Mortal Kombatant
  • Held off limitless-power Kano
  • Has mastered 750 varieties of Jujitsu
  • Was the last man standing against the Deadly Alliance
  • Defeated the Houan
  • Can channel electricity through wood

Comparison to Thor


  • Smarter, but much weaker
  • Immune to Electricity
  • More Fighting Experience
  • Less Extreme Survival Experience
  • Relies on electrical attacks, which were useless


  • Stronger, tougher, and faster
  • Immune to electricity
  • Does not solely rely on electrical attacks
  • Mjolnir is ridiculously powerful
  • Arrogance only prolonged the fight
  • Consistently defeats Loki, who is clever like Raiden



  • Raiden is the second Mortal Kombat kombatant on Death Battle, the first being Shang Tsung, and followed by Shao Kahn, Sektor, Scorpion, Sonya Blade, and Sub-Zero.
  • He was also the first Mortal Kombat Kombatant to face a non-Street Fighter character, the second being Sektor and the third being Sub-Zero.
  • Raiden is the first combatant to be thrown at the sun, with the second being Majin Buu.
  • He is the first combatant named Raiden, with the second being Raiden from Metal Gear.
  • Raiden's sprite comes from Mortal Kombat II
  • Raiden is the only combatant from Mortal Kombat who's name doesn't start with an S.
  • His fight with Thor is one of the most lopsided Death Battles. Raiden's main weapon in a fight (electricity) was completely useless against Thor, and his martial arts and wits were overwhelmed by Thor's sheer strength.


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