Death Battle Combatant
Ramona Flowers-0
The Girl of Scott Pilgrim's Dreams
Ramona Flowers
Origin Scott Pilgrim
Company Oni Press
Appearance(s) Amy Rose VS Ramona Flowers
Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie (cameo)
Well then, Gideon best get his pretentious ass up here, cause I'm about to kick yours out of the great white north!
~ Ramona to Roxie Richter

Ramona Flowers is a character from the Scott Pilgrim series and the main love interest of the titular character. She appeared in the 68th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Amy Rose VS Ramona Flowers, where she fought against Amy Rose from the Sonic the Hedgehog ​series.


Ramona Victoria "Rammy" Flowers is a 24 year old American expatriate from New York, working as a "ninja delivery girl" for After some horrible dating experiences in New York, she moves to Toronto, Canada, where she meets the bass player for Sex Bob-Omb, Scott Pilgrim. The two begin to date, however, to continue their relationship, Scott was required to defeat all seven of Ramona's evil exes, who formed a league to control Ramona's future love life.

Death Battle Info


Arsenal & Skillls


  • Beat up a giant robot
  • Defeated several jocks in the 7th grade
  • Survived being stabbed in the chest
  • Can hit with 60+ pounds of force
  • Ran up two story wall
  • Survived being kicked into the ceiling
  • Smashed through 11 studio walls
  • Fought Knives Chau, Envy Adams, Roxie Richter, and Gideon Graves

Deadpool VS Pinkie Pie

In Deadpool VS Pinkie PiePinkie Pie breaks into Ramona's fight with Amy. In the part where the two smash arcade cabinets trying to whack each other, they stop when Pinkie cries out that she was going to play on one of them.

One Minute Melee

Ramona made a cameo before Scott Pilgrim VS Viewtiful Joe, where she was texting with Scott before the fight (her head was her icon).



  • Ramona is the first Scott Pilgrim character to appear in Death Battle, and the first female from the series.
  • Ramona is the seventh character to appear in Death Battle from a comic book series that is not Marvel or DC. The first six were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spawn and Bucky O'Hare, and following her are Scrooge McDuck and The Shredder.
    • She's the first and so far only female comic book character that is neither from Marvel nor DC.
    • She's the third comic book character to lose to a video game character, with the first being Bucky O'Hare and the second being Wolverine.
  • Ramona is the third human combatant to lose to a Sonic character, the first two were Mario and Luigi.
    • She's the only human out of the three to not come from Nintendo.


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