Death Battle Combatant
The Girl who took YouTube by storm
Rebecca Black
Origin Anaheim, California
Company Maker Studios, RB Records.
Appearance(s) Justin Bieber VS Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black is a teen pop star who became infamous after her controversial Friday music video hit the web. She appears in Justin Bieber VS Rebecca Black, where she combatted her idol, Justin Bieber.


She was a teenage girl who was launched into stardom after staring in Friday, a song known as "the worst song ever made." Her mother paid $4,000 for her daughter to star in the video. The video portrays Rebecca's day-to-day life; getting up, eating cereal, and waiting at the bus stop. She then sees her friends drive by, and they go to a party. Black is known for throwing wild parties and for being a Belieber, a huge fan of Justin Bieber.



  • Year of Birth: 1997
  • Likes parties & fun
  • Knows Katy Perry
  • Likes even more fun
  • Age: 14 (of 2011)

Claim to fame:

  • Cost $4,000
  • 'Worst Song Ever'
  • Received over 160 million views

Extreme ADHD:

  • Forgets important things like school
  • Only knows 4 out of 7 days
  • Has Issues with proper grammar
  • Derp?


  • Not much
  • Incredibly Indecisive
  • Makes stupid choices
  • Grammar & Weekdays (again)
  • Derp.

Possible Positives:

  • Takes action... Eventually
  • Eats Breakfast Daily
  • Nominated for an award that nobody cares about
  • That's About it...




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