Death Battle Combatant
Renamon by rockmanzxadvent-d7gnt5s
The Kitsune Digimon
Origin Digimon
Company Bandai Namco
Appearance(s) Lucario VS Renamon

Renamon: Or what, you'll use that little flame of yours to boil water and make me some bad tea?

~ Renamon to Impmon

Renamon is an animal Digimon from the Digimon series. She appears in the 80th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Lucario VS Renamon, where she faces off against Lucario from the Pokémon series. She was voiced by Marissa Lenti.


Renamon is a Rookie-Level Animal Type Digimon, who, depending on how they were raised in their In-Training state, can be highly intelligent. They are strong, fast and agile, especially for Rookie-Level Digimon.

The most popular and commonly known Renamon is that partnered with Rika Nonaka. The two treated each other at the begin of their journey as nothing but tools, with Renamon believing that humans are just aids for Digimon to help them digivolve and with Rika just treating them as fighting machines. Over time, however, the two started bonding and even formed a friendship, which lead to Renamon achieving new and powerful forms.

Death Battle Info


  • Height: 6'2" | 187 cm
  • Digimon Attribute: Data
  • Rookie Level Digimon
  • Habitats: Valleys
  • High attack & speed
  • Often highly intelligent
  • Well-known Tamers:


  • Palm Strike
  • Power Paw
    • Ghost flames
    • Can create attacking copies
  • Swift Strike
  • Super Chop
  • Spin Kick
  • Rapid Kick
    • Quickly strikes multiple times
  • Kohenkyo
    • Shrouds self in opponent's appearance
  • Diamond Storm
    • Powerful strike of blades & wind
    • Increases attack


  • Effortlessly moves faster than eyesight
  • Fought on par with Allomon, a Champion
  • Survived battle with IceDevimon
  • Killed multiple Armor Level Digimon in single strikes
  • Sliced a missile with an axe! Like a BOSS!
  • Survived falling down a skyscraper
  • Can make good bread

Death Battle Quotes

  • Hey! Who are you?
  • You don't belong here. Leave, or I'll make you leave.
  • Palm Strike!
  • Power Paw!
  • Diamond Storm!
  • Rapid Kick!
  • Don't bother getting up.
  • Are you kidding me!?

One Minute Melee

Renamon first appeared in Season 1 of One Minute Melee, where she fought her rival Lucario, which ended in a draw.




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