The Robot Masters are the more powerful robots in Dr. Wily's army. The ultimate Robot Master is Bass.

Name Function Picture
Guts Man

Super Arm; Lifts Over 2 Tons

Immune to Cold

Mega Man Classic - Guts Man
Metal Man

Metal Blade: 8-Directional Death

Designed for Combat

Weak to his Own Weapon

Mega Man Classic - Metal Man
Slash Man

Slash Claw: Destroys Asteroids

Red Adhesive: Traps Enemies

Magnet Man Magnet Missile: Homing Magnetman
Sheep Man Originally designed to herd Sheep: Electric Powers SheepMan
Napalm Man

Napalm Bomb: A Bouncing Bomb

Missiles: Numerous Types

Pharaoh Man

Pharaoh Shot: Controls Fire Energy


Eye Shield


In The Battle

They managed to destroy the remainder of Eggman's Infantry and dominated nearly most of the Badniks, but they were overwhelmed by Metal Sonic as Magnet Man was killed off-screen.

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