Death Battle Combatant
Rogue (Anna Marie) (Earth-TRN259) 001
The Power-Absorbing Mutant
Origin Marvel Comics
Company Disney
Appearance(s) Rogue VS Wonder Woman
Felicia VS Taokaka (cameo)
Ain't that enough?!
~ Rogue in the 1990's X-Men cartoon.
Anna Marie, AKA Rogue, is a superheroine & member of the X-Men. She appears in Death Battle's third episode, Rogue VS Wonder Woman, where she fought DC Comics' Wonder Woman.


Anna Marie was born in Caldecott County, Mississippi to Priscilla, Owen, and Aunt Carrie and developed her mutant powers to absorb power and memories by skin contact when she was a teenager, resulting in her then-boyfriend Cody entering a coma. She was recruited and raised by Mystique to join the Brotherhood of Mutants, in one of the encounters she seemingly permanently absorbed the powers of Carol Danvers (known as Ms. Marvel at the time) as well as her memories. The trauma that she experiences absorbing these people's memories leads her to joining the X-Men, allowing her to use her powers for good.

Death Battle Info

Power Absorption

  • Activated throughout contact
  • Absorbs memories, talents, personalities & abilities
  • Temporary transfer
  • Can use copied abilities
  • Can be lethal with prolonged contact

Ms. Marvel's Powers

  • Super Strength
  • Flight at subsonic speed
  • Near-Invulnerabilty
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Telepathic Resistance
  • Seventh Sense