Death Battle Combatant
Sam Fisher
Splinter Cell's Ultimate Predator
Sam Fisher
Origin Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
Company Ubisoft
Appearance(s) Solid Snake VS Sam Fisher
So besides stopping World War Three, is there anything else I can do for you this evening?
~ Sam Fisher

Sam Fisher is the main protagonist of the Splinter Cell series. He starred in the 48th episode Solid Snake VS Sam Fisher where he fought Metal Gear protagonist Solid Snake. He was voiced by Ben Reynolds. His assistant, Anna Grim, was voiced by Whitney Rodgers.


Samuel Leo Fisher was born in Towson, Maryland in 1957. Orphaned at a young age, he spent his youth at a military boarding school. His goal was to join the C.I.A. and follow in the footsteps of his late father. He joined both the C.I.A. and Navy Seals. During one of his missions, he had an affair with Regan Burns, leading to a failed marriage and the birth of their daughter Sarah. He was recruited by Third Echelon, a top secret sub-branch of the NSA. Third Echelon wanted Sam for their new Black Ops unit, focused on infiltrating impenetrable locations, extracting information, and escaping even the most impossible scenarios. They called it the Splinter Cell program. He eventually discovered that Third Echelon was corrupt from within, he took it down by teaming up with Grim to create Fourth Echelon.

Death Battle Info


  • Full name: Samuel Leo Fisher
  • Born: April 17, 1957
  • Height: 5'10"/178 cm
  • Weight: 170 lbs/77 kg
  • Ambidextrous
  • Possesses the Fifth Freedom
    • The legal right to break the law in order to uphold the greater good
  • Proficient in Krav Maga
  • Apparently owns an Elephant


  • Name: Anna Grimsdottir
  • A.K.A.: Grim Reaper
  • Technical Operations Officer for Fourth Echelon
  • A master hacker
  • Was temporarily the director of Third Echelon
  • Acts as an extension of Sam's eyes and ears on the field

Weapons & Equipment

  • Five-Seven pistol
    • Uses armor-piercing SS198 rounds
  • SC-20K M.A.W.S.
    • Can switch into assault rifle, shotgun, and sniper rifle attachments
    • Deploys miscellaneous ammo including sticky shockers, rubber bullets, and sticky cameras
  • Mark VIII Tactical Operations Suit
    • 8 mm thick, weighs 4 Lbs
    • Composed of Kevlar, RhinoPlate, and Gore-Tex
  • Multi-Vision Goggles
    • Capable of night, thermal, and sonar vision


  • Has infiltrated both the CIA and Third Echelon itself
  • Evaded four snipers looking for him
  • Can headshot four people before the last man can draw his gun
  • Prevented World War III on multiple occasions
  • Completed a training course so silently, his superiors didn't realize he had even started



  • Sam Fisher is the first Ubisoft character to appear on Death Battle.
    • Sam is also the first character in the Splinter Cell series to appear in Death Battle.
  • Sam's support, Anna Grim, is the first assistant combatant to have been beaten by another assistant combatant, which is Solid Snake's own support, Otacon. The second would eventually be Red, who was beaten by Tai.


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