Death Battle Combatant
The Air Commander of the Decepticons
Origin Transformers
Company Hasbro
Appearance(s) Starscream VS Rainbow Dash
Who dares challenge the mighty Starscream?
~ Starscream before his battle

Starscream is an evil and aerial Decepticon from the Transformers franchise. He appears in the 17th episode of Death Battle, Starscream VS Rainbow Dash, where he went up against Rainbow Dash of the My Little Pony franchise.


Starscream is a transformer, a large, humanoid robot that can transform into a piece of equipment or a vehicle, from the far away mechanical planet, Cybertron. He is the second-in-command and air commander of the tyrannic Decepticons against the heroic Autobots, lead by Optimus Prime.

Starscream always wanted to be the leader of the Decepticons, plotting against his leader, Megatron, trying to shoot him in his back, and blatantly states to Megatron's face that he will one day overtake him. Only Primus knows why Megatron still keeps him around.

After a struggle with the Autobots, this ultimately led the two autonomous armies to Earth, where they continued their battle and Starscream continues his quest for his self proclaimed "destiny"

Death Battle Info


  • Height: Approx. 20'
  • Decepticon seeker
  • Air commander
  • Graduate of the Cybertron War Academy
  • Nicknamed 'Silver Snake'




  • A cleaver speaker
  • Transparent Strategist
  • Arrogant & Stubborn
  • Cowardly
  • Uses cheap tactics


  • Indestructible
  • Can move on its own
  • Floats
  • Can possess & control other machines

Death Battle Quotes

  • "A pony? I'll crush you in an instant. Prepare to be annihilated." (to Rainbow Dash)
  • "Hey! What are you doing? Stop that!" (to Rainbow Dash as she makes funny faces at him)
  • "Wait! Wait! I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me! Please!"(to Rainbow Dash as she charges at him)
  • "I'll... I'll join the herd. I'll be a good Decepticon from now on. Please... just let me go." (to Rainbow Dash as he locks onto her)
  • "You haven't won! I'm invincible! My Spark lives! You can never defeat Star..." (before his Spark is devoured by Rainbow Dash)



  • The version of Starscream used was his Generation 1 counterpart.
  • Starscream is the fourteenth character to appear on Death Battle who first came to being within the 1980s era. In his case being 1984 when Transformers Generation 1 first came to being.
  • Starscream, as well as his opponent, were the first Hasbro characters on Death Battle.
  • His aim is absolutely awful, and Wizard deems it to be even "worse than a Stormtrooper."
  • Starscream is the first (and so far only) Death Battle combatant to lose that technically didn't die, considering his Spark is immortal.
  • Starscream can be considered the oldest Death Battle combatant as well as loser because he was "born" way before man evolved on Earth.
  • Starscream is currently the only Transformers character to appear on DEATH BATTLE (albeit, there are plans from the ScrewAttack crew of Unicron appearing in a later Death Battle).


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