Death Battle Combatant
PSASBR Sweet Tooth
Name Marcus "Needles" Kane
Origin Twisted Metal
Company Sony
Appearance(s) Joker VS Sweet Tooth
You're road kill! ROAD KILL! YOU HEAR ME!?
~ Sweet Tooth to Joker

Sweet Tooth is a playable character and the unofficial mascot of the Twisted Metal video game series. He appeared in the 62nd DEATH BATTLE!, Joker VS Sweet Tooth, where he fought against The Joker from DC Comics. He was voiced by Gianni Matragrano.


Though his backstory and motivation has varied from various games in the Twisted Metal series, one thing has remained consistent. Marcus "Needles" Kane was a psychotic serial killer who loved what he did: kill people while dressed as a clown with a machete or his iconic combat ice cream truck, the "Sweet Tooth" while competing in various Twisted Metal tournaments to get one wish from Calypso.

Death Battle Info


  • Real name: Marcus "Needles" Kane
  • Age: approx. 42
  • Height: 5'9" | 175 cm
  • Weight: 185 lbs | 84 kg
  • Approx. body count: 1,000
  • Best friend: a paper bag


  • Signature machete
  • Molotovs
  • Rocket launcher
  • 12-gauge shot gun
  • Chainsaw
  • Land mines

Sweet Tooth

  • Modified Chevrolet step van
  • Specializes in armor and damage output
  • Weapons
    • Dual Gatling guns
    • Missiles
    • Laughing Ghost
    • Flight
    • Gatling gun
    • Sweet Bot transformation
    • Sweet Slam
    • Laughing Death


  • Won Twisted Metal numerous times
  • Killed Calypso twice
  • Murdered an entire hospital
  • Ran Twisted Metal once
  • Survived electric chair & escaped
  • Strong enough to throw people out of reinforced windows

Death Battle Quotes

  • Ahh, it's perfect!
  • You're roadkill! ROADKILL! YOU HEAR ME!?
  • Here I come scrawny!
  • Shut up and bleed you motherf-
  • Get out!
  • Right... I want to see you bleed... I want to watch you die...
  • Ugh! What? What is this!?
  • DIE DIE DIE!! die... hehehe



  • Sweet Tooth is the first character from the Twisted Metal series to make an appearance in Death Battle.


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