Death Battle Combatant
Taichi yagami tai kamiya by skylights01-d6b1yk2
The Leader of the DigiDestined
Origin Digimon Adventure
Company Bandai Namco
Appearance(s) Pokémon VS Digimon
Go for it!
~ Tai to Greymon

Taichi "Tai" Kamiya is the main protagonist from the anime/manga series, Digimon. He starred in the 57th episode/Season 2 Finale, Pokémon VS Digimon, where he fought alongside his Agumon against Pokémon Trainer Red and his Charizard. He was voiced by Todd Haberkorn.

Death Battle Info

Tai Kamiya

  • Full Name: Taichi Kamiya
  • Age (Met Agumon): 11 years
  • Age (Current): 17 years
  • Height: Approx. 4'2"
  • Weight: N/A
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Future occupation: Digital World Diplomat

Death Battle Quotes

  • Hey Agumon. I got some-
  • Uh, okay?
  • Okay buddy. Go for it!
  • Agumon! Okay buddy. Let's kick this up a notch!
  • Haha! That's it!
  • We got him on the run. Turn up the heat!
  • Greymon! He's coming!
  • Huh. I guess that's that. Heh.
  • Whoa! He Digivolved!
  • Agumon! No!
  • Yeah! Now you'll see what a real Mega Form can do!
  • Stop hurting my friend!
  • Call off your dragon!
  • Phew...that was rough.



  • Tai is the fourth combatant to get a professional voice actor from Funimation. The first three being Iron Man (voiced by Chuck Huber), Solid Snake (voiced by Christopher Sabat) and Tifa Lockhart (voiced by Tia Ballard) followed by Bayonetta (voiced by Marissa Lenti).
    • However, because Pokémon VS Digimon mainly focused on the fight between Charizard and Agumon, this would make Tai the third assistant on DEATH BATTLE! to be voiced by a professional voice actor from Funimation. The first two being Otacon (voiced by Brad Venable), and Anna Grim (voiced by Whitney Rodgers).
  • Tai is the first assistant combatant to have physically assaulted another combatant and the second one to have intervene in a Death Battle. The first one was technically Otacon, but he didn't physically confront Anna Grim, instead shut down her systems and brought down the Paladin with her inside it.
  • Tai and his Agumon are the final combatants to win in DEATH BATTLE Season 2.