Death Battle Combatant
The Time Traveling Metal Assassin
Origin The Terminator
Company Paramount Pictures
Appearance(s) Terminator VS RoboCop
I'll be back.
~ Terminator
The Terminator is the cyborg from the series of the same name. He starred in the 31st episode of Death Battle, Terminator VS RoboCop, where he fought the cinematic cyborg RoboCop. He was voiced by Joe Gaudet. In the movies he was portrayed by the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger.


The Terminator (serial number T-850) was created by Skynet in order to combat against the human resistance. One of it's main functions is to blend in with humans thanks to real life skin tissues surrounding it's endo-skeleton, perfect for sneaking into human bases.

A few were sent back in time for one simple target; John Conner, the leader of the resistance. But while one was sent to kill his mother Sarah Conner in 1984, two were reprogrammed by the resistance in order to protect John from enemy terminators (such as the T-1000, and the T-X).

Death Battle Info


  • Cyberdyne Research Systems Series 850 Model 101 Infiltration Combat Unit
  • Manufacturer: Skynet
  • Height: 1.88 m / 6'2"
  • Weight: 172 kg / 380lbs
  • Core component: Coltan
  • Power source: 2 hydrogen fuel cells
  • Always comes back

Programming Routines

  • Adaptability
    • Learning machine
    • Adapts to human behavior through observation, interaction & questions
  • Combat & weaponry
    • Anything within Skynet's global database
  • Group Infiltration
  • Human anatomy
  • Voice mimicry
  • Basic psychology 



  • Smashed through a building
  • Has tricked humans and machines alike
  • Killed the technically superior T-900s, T-1000, and T-X
  • Escaped liquid nitrogen freeze twice
  • Can lift several cars
  • Program survived and revived at T3
  • Successfully killed John Connor


  • Easily hackable
  • Detectable by dogs
  • Dangerous power source
  • Sometimes defeated by humans
  • Vulnerable to precise attacks from behind
  • Worst fear: Hydraulic presses

Death Battle quotes

  • "Give me your guns, and your clothes. Now!" (to the shopkeeper)
  • "Negative. Walk away if you want to live." (after RoboCop attempts to arrest him)
  • "Out of my way." (attacking RoboCop)
  • "Hasta la vista. Baby." (before firing his grenade launcher)
  • "Time to bring you down to Earth!" (before shooting at the flying RoboCop)
  • "Fuck you, dickwad!" (after being burned by RoboCop's flamethrower)
  • "Not... yet." (responding to RoboCop after being told that the fight was over)
  • "You... are... terminated." (after his fuel cells are ruptured)
  • "I'll... be... BACK!" (his last words before his fuel cells explode)



  • The Terminator, along with his opponent, were the first cyborgs on Death Battle (while it's debatable if Terminators are cyborgs, we'll allow it for this trivia).
  • The Terminator is one of the few characters who is actually multiple individuals under the same name, with the others being Yoshi, Pikachu, Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Agumon, Lucario and Renamon.
    • Also similar to Yoshi, Terminator is the youngest combatant as the robots are deployed into combat immediately after construction.
    • Terminator is also currently the youngest Death Battle loser.


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