Genre Comedy
Creator(s) ScrewAttack
Year of Creation 2015
The Desk of DEATH BATTLE is a spin-off series based off DEATH BATTLE! In this series, Jocelyn the Intern (voiced by internet personality Lisa Foiles) focuses on fun facts based on the combatants featured in the show, even if they don't contribute to the show. This allows viewers to learn interesting trivia on these characters they didn't know about, it airs every two Sundays.

Intro: Invader (Episode 1-71)

Wiz & Boomstick (Episode 72-Present)


Episode 1: Did Batman Create Blindness?

Jocelyn centers the episode on Batman's time traveling adventures in Grant Morrison's The Return of Bruce Wayne, where Batman's a time bomb, possibly contributed to blindness, and found out some interesting facts about his parents.

Episode 2: Godzilla is Pearl Harbor Reincarnated?

This episode focuses on the movie 'Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack' and how Godzilla came back after being destroyed 50 years ago.

Music Used: Godzilla vs Destoroyah Original Opening Theme

Episode 3: RoboCop is actually JESUS??

This episode compares RoboCop's backstory to the Christian prophet Jesus Christ.

Music Used: RoboCop Theme

Episode 4: StarFox has Emotional Issues

This episode centers around the game Star Fox command, where she looks at all the endings of the game.

Music Used: The Theme of Star Fox - Orchestral Game Concert 3

Episode 5: Cancer killed Captain America's Shield

This episode centers around the many times Captain America's shield has been destroyed.

Episode 6: Boba Fett is an IDIOT!!

This episode centers around the multiple times that Boba Fett has fallen into the Sarlacc.

Music Used: The Emperor Arrives - Star Wars Episode VI

Episode 7: Spider-Man KILLED Mary Jane with Cancer

This episode covers plenty of Spider-Man trivia, but focuses on the One More Day storyline.

Music Used: Spider-Man 60's Cartoon Theme - used in the end

Episode 8: Spider-Man rides out in the Spider-Mobile!

This episode covers even more trivia about Spider-Man, focusing on the creation of the Spider-Mobile.

Music Used: The Amazing Spider-Man Theme , Spider-Man 60's Cartoon Theme - used in the end

Episode 9 : Tony Stark's Tumor is Smarter Than You

In this episode, Jocelyn covers some of the weirdest Iron Man stories.

Music Used: Driving with the Top Down - Iron Man

Episode 10 : Super-Pets Need to Be Put to Sleep

This episode focuses on DC's League of Super-Pets and Ch'p's backstory.

Episode 11: Mario's Derpy Adventure.

This episode cover's the creation of Super Mario Bros. and the animated movie Super Mario Bros. The Mission to Save Princess Peach.

Music Used: Super Mario Bros. Theme Song, Super Mario World Overworld Theme, Super Mario World Ending Theme

Episode 12: How Sonic Got to Suck So Bad

In this episode, Jocelyn rants about the Sonic fanbase and the franchise's downfall.

Music Used: Chemical Plant Zone - Sonic 2

Episode 13: Goku vs Vegeta for World's Greatest... Dad?

This episode features a competition to see who is a better father: Goku or Vegeta.

Music Used: Goku's Super Saiyan Theme - Dragon Ball Z

Episode 14: Donkey Kong's Derpy Country

This episode covers the Donkey Kong County cartoon series.

Music Used: Donkey Kong Country Theme

Episode 15: Donkey Kong Switched Brains with a Robot???

This episode covers even more trivia about the Donkey Kong Country cartoon series.

Music Used: Donkey Kong Country (TV Show) Instrumental Theme - used at the end

Episode 16: Who Can Beat Superman??

This episodes focuses on that time when Muhammad Ali defeated Superman.

Episode 17: Punisher Shot Wolverine in the Dick?

This episode focuses on Wolverine's defeats including humiliating ones such as losing to The Punisher.

Music Used: Main Title - X-Men (2000)

Episode 18: Superman vs The KKK

This episode focuses on the time Superman fought the KKK on a radio show with a fellow radio star.

Music Used: Superman the Animated Series Full Theme

Episode 19: Samus' Manga Story is NUTS

This episode focuses on how Samus Aran grew up to be the most notable bounty hunters in the universe in an origin story.

Music Used: Super Metroid Orchestra Theme

Episode 20: Batman Dual Wielded Guns??

This episode focuses on Batman Odyssey and Jocelyn talks about how crazy it is.

Music Used: Batman Begins - Molossus

Episode 21: Fallout's Vault Secrets?

This episode focuses on the newest and silliest vaults in the Fallout series.

Episode 22: Samus' Nutty Manga Story (Part 2)

This episode continues explaining the story of the official Metroid manga.

Music Used: Super Metroid Orchestra Theme

Episode 23: Godzilla Got Dunked on by Charles Barkley???

This happened! Check out how this came to be.

Episode 24: Dumbledore is Death???

Jocelyn digs into the world of Wizardry and is more than 9 and 3/4 certain that Dumbledore may in fact be DEATH!

Episode 25: Batman's Horrible Villains

Batman may have some iconic villain, but he has some shitty bad guys. They all can't be winners.

Episode 26: Wolverine is Gay?

This episode focuses on the Wolverine from Earth-12025

Episode 27: The Avengers Fought Godzilla??

You know that one time the Avengers fought Godzilla? Timeless classic.

Music Used: Itchy and Scratchy Theme

Episode 28: Superman Cremated Himself and Batman??

This episode focuses on the story of Superman at Earth's End

Episode 29: Green Arrow's Horrible Special Arrows

Green Arrow sure has pulled a lot of crappy weapons out of his quiver...

Music Used: Injustice Gods Among Us Main Theme , Justice League Unlimited Opening - used in the ending

Episode 30: The Most Derpy & Scary Pokémon

Not only do they have stupid names, they also do stupid things!

Music Used: Dark Cave/Ice Path - Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver  Lavender Town - Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen, Team Rocket's Secret Strategy - Pokemon Anime, I Got A Pokemon - Pokemon Anime - used in the ending

Episode 31: Mulan is WEAK AF

Who knew being as strong as a typhoon would make you so f'n weak??

Music used: I'll Make A Man Out Of You (Karaoke) - Mulan

Episode 32: He-Man's Derpy Sidekicks and Bad Guys

Ummm... What? Who? Why do these guys exists?

Music used: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Theme

Episode 33: STUPID Superhero Disguises

Apparently a trench coat is like camouflage??

Episode 34: The Flash + Abe Lincoln + Nuclear Explosions = Comics

Have we told you that comics are f'n insane?

Music Used: A Lot Happened That Night - The Flash (2014), Hell of a Messenger - Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox - Used in the end

Episode 35: The Worst Nintendo Product Ever

It's awful. Just... awful

Music Used: Yoshi's Island - Super Mario World - Used for the majority of the segment

Episode 36: Deadpool + Thanos + Death = True Love

Deadpool has a boner for Death. Thanos had a boner for Death. Death has a boner for....?

Episode 37: KFC HAS A COMIC?? WTF?

Because this needed to happen.

Episode 38: Pokémon Nightmare Fuel

While many Pokémon are cute and cuddly, some are straight up terrifying.

Music Used: Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen - Pokémon Tower

Episode 39: Stupid Comic Villains

Without villains we wouldn't have heroes, but man there have been some dumb ones over the years.


This wealthy waterfowl may just be the richest fictional character of all time

Music Used: The Moon - DuckTales Remastered 

Episode 41: Superman & Batman Jr. VS... Feminism?

Bruce and Clark Jr. team up to take on... Feminism?

Episode 42: Deadpool is Nicer Than You Think

Deadpool's done some pretty brutal things, but he's also got a softer side... in his own way

Episode 43: Why is the Millennium Falcon so FAST!?

We all know the Millennium Falcon ran the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs, but how?

Episode 44: Mario is Better than You!

He's got the plumbing, he's got the jumps, and he's got a whole lot of... jobs. He's a busy guy.

Episode 45: What the FLUX is w/ the DeLorean!?

Everyone love's Doc Brown's time traveling DeLorean, but did you know it's NOT his first time traveling device?

Episode 46: X-Men VS Star Trek & So Much More!

Sometimes comics get weird with "What if" scenario's... here's a few of our favorites!

Episode 47: Spider-Man's Aunt May Held the Powers Cosmic?!

Peter Parker's kindly Aunt May has done some interesting things in comics. Some of which involve Twinkies...

Music Used: Spider-Man's Theme - Marvel vs Capcom 3

Episode 48: Alfred is a BADASS Mother-BUTLER!

Batman may be pretty cool, but Alfred is second to none! Learn why it's always important to respect your elders in this episode of Desk of DEATH BATTLE!

Episode 49: Should ALL Comic movies be rated R!?

With the success of Deadpool and now Logan, Jocelyn dives into the question "Should all comic book movies be rated R?"

Episode 50: The Joker is a hero!?

Gotham's clown prince of crime might actually be the hero it needs!

Episode 51: The Making of Power Rangers!

Power Rangers is the Frankenstein's monster of entertainment! Jocelyn recounts how they re-purposed a Japanese show's footage and turned it into a titanic American franchise!

Episode 52: Mutants are DICKS!

If mutants worked together they could change the world! Instead they just fight each other and make it worse!

Music Used: X-Men Movie Theme (Fill in which movie version it was)

Episode 53: Batman's CRAZY Costumes!

The Dark Knight has more in his wardrobe than dark colors!

Episode 54: The Origin of Kryptonite

There's more then one type of Kryptonite and each has their own VERY strange effect on the man of Steel

Episode 55: Brazil's INSANE Mega Man Comic

Because who didn't think Mega Man needed more sex and violence?

Episode 56: Adolph's Weird Comic

Hitler has been portrayed in a surprising amount of media but this comic takes the cake...

Music Used: Nathan Drake's Theme - Uncharted Drake's Fortune, John Lennon - Imagine

Episode 57: Sonic's Strange & VULGAR Albums

You won't believe what song's are on these little known Sonic albums!

Music Used: Super Sonic Racing (instrumental) - Sonic R, Mortal Kombat Theme, Scorpion Lost Soul Bent on Revenge - Mortal Kombat The Album, Liu Kang (Born in China) - Mortal Kombat The Album, Sub-Zero (Chinese Ninja Warrior) - Mortal Kombat The Album

Episode 58: Marvel VS DC Comics

Jocelyn dives into the official crossover comic series where Marvel and DC went head to head!

Music Used: Injustice Main Theme

Episode 59: Spider-Man Crashes SNL

Spider-Man has teamed up with a lot of people over the years, but one of the strangest was with the 1970's cast of Saturday Night Live to stop the Silver Samurai.

Episode 60: Venom Cures Cancer?

Let's face it, symbiotes gets around and Venom has certainly been around the celestial block once or twice. Jocelyn takes us through the history of Venom and some of the interesting Marvel Heroes the symbiote has come in close contact with.

Episode 61: Stupid Superhero PSAs

Over the years our favorite superheroes have taught us about a lot of important issues. However, sometimes the way they do it is down right stupid!

Episode 62: The WORST Super Powers

In our DEATH BATTLE research we've seen a lot of super powers and some of them are just AWFUL!

Episode 63: Saddest Origin Stories

Jocelyn takes a look into some of the most depressing origin stories in comics.

Episode 64: Batman Is A Murderer

For a hero that "Doesn't kill" Batman sure has racked up a body count...

Episode 65: Weaponized Nipples

If you're creative anything can be a weapon and the Nipples have been turned into tools of destruction more often than you'd think

​Episode 66: The History of Mjolnir

Jocelyn takes a look at the history behind Thor's legendary hammer and who's wielded it!

Episode 67: WORST Onomatopoeia in Comics

BAM! POW! BAP! These words bring life to action in comics, but oh man there have been some truly STUPID words created for superhero sounds.

​Episode 68: What Happened to Aquaman

Aquaman's reputation has been a ringer over the years. What happened to make the fish talking hero the butt of every joke?

Episode 69: Crazy Stupid Anime Attacks

Crazy fights and special attacks are a staple of Anime so there were bound to be some straight up stupid ones.

Episode 70: The Real White Ranger

What if we told you that the original White Ranger isn't Tommy Oliver, he's actually a pervy 10 year old boy... In this episode we uncover the true origins of the real White Ranger.

Episode 71: Fin Fang Foom VS Communism

Jocelyn takes a look at Marvel's dragon / alien and his battles with communism and how he deals with his enemies

Episode 72: Knuckles was a GOD?!

Jocelyn takes a look at the minefield that is the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comics. Specifically the time that Knuckles became an omnipotent god.

Episode 73: Godzilla is a Sellout

Since the dawn of advertising, companies have used our favorite characters to sell their product, but the king of corporate shills is none other than... Godzilla.

Episode 74: Being Black Panther Sucks

We all fantasize about being super heroes like Black Panther or Superman, but if you REALLY think about might actually suck...

Episode 75: How Japan Changed Crash Bandicoot

This week Jocelyn digs into why Japan loves Crash and the changes they made when they brought him overseas!

Episode 76: Chest Physics

Jocelyn explores the history of chest physics in games as well as some of the best and worst examples

Episode 77: Cartoon All Stars VS Drugs

Jocelyn combs through one of the craziest PSA crossovers ever, Cartoon All Stars To the Rescue!

Episode 78: The Kingdom Hearts Conspiracy

This week Jocelyn uncovers one of the biggest conspiracies in all of gaming!

Episode 79: The Death of Sonic Archie Comics

This week Jocelyn finds a camera and tells us all about the lawsuits that plagued the Sonic Archie Comics.

Episode 80: Why Ant-Man is STUPID!

Jocelyn takes a look at Ant-Man and the Pym particle and why they are scientific abominations

Episode 81: Wonder Woman's Failed TV Show

Jocelyn gets her hands on a failed Wonder Woman pilot from 2011. It's not good!

Episode 82: Donald Duck Has PTSD

Why are you so mad all the time, Donald? Who hurt you?

Episode 83: SHAMELESS Corporate Games

This week Jocelyn dives into the world of crappy snack-based video games!