Death Battle Combatant
Toph Beifong
The Blind Bandit
Toph Beifong
Origin Avatar: The Last Airbender
Company Nickelodeon
Appearance(s) Gaara VS Toph
I am the greatest earthbender in the world! Don't you two dunderheads ever forget it!
~ Toph to Master Yu and Xin Fu after trapping them in a metal box

Toph Beifong is an Earthbender from the Avatar series. She appears in the forty-second episode of Death Battle, Gaara VS Toph, where she went toe to toe against Gaara of the Naruto anime/manga. She was voiced by Kira Buckland.


Toph Beifong was born into the wealthy Beifong family. However, she was born a blind child. Her parents became extremely overprotective of her. One day when she was 6 years old, Toph ran away, upset that she was essentially trapped in a cage. She went into a cave and met some badgermoles. She took a liking to them, as they were also blind, and learned to Earthbend from their ways by "seeing" with her other senses and her "seismic sense" where she senses the every vibrations in the ground to know where everything is. She eventually returned to her home, and because she had left unannounced and by herself, her parents put a tighter leash on her and didn't even permit her to leave the house. Years later, she would constantly sneak out and compete in bending tournaments under the alias "The Blind Bandit". One day, she met Aang, the Avatar, and his friends Katara and Sokka. After Toph helped them defeat some criminals, she revealed to her parents her bending skills and they put an even tighter leash on her. Not being able to stand the overprotection any longer, Toph joined Aang on his journey and taught him Earthbending.

Death Battle Info


  • Age: 12 (Avatar)/88 (Korra)
  • Full name: Toph Beifong
  • Daughter of a prestigious family
  • Extremely acute senses beside sight
  • Former police chief
  • Stage name: The blind bandit
  • Eventually retired to the swamp as a hermit

Bending Arts

  • Earthbending
    • Seismic Toss
    • Earth compression
  • Metalbending
  • Sandbending
  • Mudbending

Feats & Strengths

One Minute Melee

Toph will appear in the Season 6 Premiere of One Minute Melee, where she will fight against Terra from DC Comics (more specifically, the version from the Teen Titans cartoon series).

Death Battle Quotes

  • "Whew. Talk about a tough ride."
  • "Pfft. Oh yeah, tough guy? Make me."
  • "By the way, I can tell you're using your sand to smash up the ground as you move for more ammo. Pretty smart for a Sandbender. Too bad I'm gonna kick your butt before you can use any of it!"
  • "Whew. Sorry, grumpy. I'm not ready to be a shish kebab just yet!"
  • "Come on! Are you really that scared of a little BLIND girl? I'm touched."
  • "Impressive insight gloomsville! I'm digging the whole "Wearing sand" thing though. That's new!"
  • "Dream on, creep! It will take a lot more sand than that to take me down!"
  • "Jeez! I almost felt that."
  • "Are you kidding? Pay attention sandy. I'm about to school you..."
  • "That's how it's done!"



  • Toph is unique in the fact that she was announced to participate in a Death Battle episode long before her opponent was revealed. The next three characters to have been announced well in advance were Bayonetta, Smokey Bear and McGruff the Crime Dog.
  • Toph's sprite sheet was actually created for this Death Battle by "The Toph Sprite Sheet Project", meaning that Death Battle will be the first people to actually use them.
    • The sprite sheet also happened to have started by Akumath, who is a part of Death Battle's official research team.
    • She is voiced in DEATH BATTLE by Kira Buckland who is well known for having the role of a female that from the first glance, looks like a sweet and innocent girl but is highly aggressive and will mock anyone besides her best friends - Hiyoko Saionjii. Typecasting anyone?
  • Toph is the first cartoon character to defeat an anime character.
    • She's also the second Nickelodeon character to win a Death Battle, right after Leonardo, and before The Shredder.
  • Toph is also one of the few disabled characters to appear on Death Battle, including Guts due to his status as an amputee.