Death Battle Combatant
MP9 Yoshi
Mario's Happy-Go-Lucky Steed
Origin Super Mario Bros.
Company Nintendo
Appearance(s) Yoshi VS Riptor
Oh ho ho, Yoshi got right stuff!
~ Yoshi in the Super Mario World cartoon.

Yoshi is a character from the Mario series. He appears in the 8th episode of Death Battle, Yoshi VS Riptor , where he went against Killer Instinct's resident dinosaur, Riptor.


A denizen of Yoshi's Island, he has helped Mario on several occasions, and both have learned over time to work with one another. He is among the race of Bowser's worst enemies, due to the fact that they are happy. He has participated in a number of sports, fighting, and Mario Party.

Death Battle Info:


  • Bowser's first nemesis
  • High, strong jumps
  • Can resist knock-back
  • Naturally skilled in basic combat & speed
  • Constantly followed by incredibly happy music

Yoshi Eggs

  • Maneuverable Projectiles
  • Light-Weight
  • Can carry up to 6 eggs
  • Different eggs create different effects
  • Made from the souls of devoured enemies

Digestive System

  • Long, stretchy tongue
  • Can eat almost anything
  • Can get special abilities or produce eggs
  • Can trap enemies in eggs
  • Has Trouble swallowing Koopa Shells


Yoshi made a cameo at the beginning of the DBX Mario VS Luigi, where, he together with Princess Peach and Toadsworth, watched the two Mario Bros. play tennis, until Mario became angry and attacked Luigi, which accidentaly hit Yoshi, who was standing next to Luigi at the time.



  • Yoshi is one of the combatants that is both a species and an individual. He shares this with Pikachu, Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, The Terminator, Agumon, Lucario and Renamon.
    • Also similar to The Terminator, Yoshi is the youngest combatant as the Yoshi's are deployed into combat immediately after birth.
    • Yoshi is also currently the youngest Death Battle winner.
  • Yoshi is the only non-KI character to use a Combo Breaker against his Killer Instinct opponent.
  • Yoshi is the first Mario character to win a Death Battle, followed by Princess Peach and Donkey Kong.
  • Yoshi's sprite comes from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
  • Yoshi among with his opponent are the fifth and sixth characters to appear on Death Battle who first came to being within the 1990s era. In Yoshi's case being 1990 due to Super Mario World first coming out on November 21st of 1990.
  • Yoshi is the first male combatant to defeat a female combatant with the next three being Dante, Roronoa Zoro and Lucario.
  • Yoshi is the only Mario character to fight someone who is neither from the Sonic series (Since Mario, Luigi and Donkey Kong fought Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles respectively), the Zelda series (Since Princess Peach and Bowser fought Princess Zelda and Ganondorf respectively), nor his own series (Since the Goomba and the Koopa Troopa were the only ones to fight each other), in which it is Killer Instinct character, Riptor.
  • Yoshi is the first character to beat a Killer Instinct character with the next one being Sub-Zero.


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